Wednesday, April 11, 2007


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There is always tweaking that could be done, errors to be avoided in the future. That uphill writing has to go, and stamping so hard that part of the rubber backing stamps too. Emily's picture is too dark - there should be something dark to balance it on the left side. Is it finished yet, or did I do too much? I use too many pretty, manufactured things, not enough natural things. (In my defense I am trying to use up all the materials I purchased during my short-lived scrapbooking days.) There are ink blotches and glue splotches. But still. I am CREATING. There are 16 pages in this accordion book. Perhaps by the time I finish the final two I will have approached the artistic vision I had in my mind. And perhaps not. But there are other projects too, where I may be able to be more spontaneous and less anal retentive. Maybe I can try those watercolors and pastels. And how about that branch with buds that I found in a store's parking lot. Before I could think about it, I stopped my car, scooped up the branch and put it in my backseat. (I wonder what my husband thought when he drove my car?) Those buds. I'm sure, are going to find their way into one of my projects soon.


Miss Robyn said...

oh I love the saying 'hope is that thing with feathers that perches in my soul' - love all these collages - they are justwonderful - just what collage should do, talk to the soul xo

[a} said...

Hi! Found you over at MarvelousMadness! This is sooo cute and interesting! I love the idea of filling up an accordian book with such an inspiring theme. Hope is what keeps us going & it ROCKS! The Emily pages look so right, all old-fashioned and toned down.

Lila Rostenberg said...

What a wonderful book! You did a good job of making the collages and of posting!
I am not doing much tonight...we watched 2 whole episodes of Monarch of the Glen!