Sunday, May 20, 2012


"The Enchanted Soul" Collage from
the On a Whim blog

It has been so long that I have done something creative and imaginative on this blog. Lately it has focused so much on the depressing, the sad, the terrifying. Just for once, I want to have some blogging fun. In that spirit, I issue you an invitation. Will you please attend my Gathering of Enchanted Souls?

You are cordially invited to a
gathering of The Enchanted
Souls, to be held under the First
Quarter Moon at the distant
water’s edge. As midnight falls,
simply close your eyes and open
them again to find yourself
surrounded in moonlight with
your beloveds. Wear your softest
black with moon-colored buttons
and pearls and your velvet shadow
shoes that are pointed like stars.
If we are watchful and open to
chance, a visitor of mysterious
ways will join us at the spellbound
hour before dawn for musings
and revelations.

There is only one requirement - that you come as an Enchanted Soul. Please e-mail a picture of yourself  under enchantment. It can be your artwork, a picture you clipped from a magazine, or an image you find on the web. It can even be a photograph of yourself in costume. (Or is it a costume, I ask?) You may also send along a brief description, if you wish.

Are you a human under a spell of enchantment?
"The Lady of Shalott" by J. W. Waterhouse

Or are you an enchanted animal?

Will you appear as a goddess?

Who's enchanted - the lady or the frog?

Are you a fairy fresh from attending
a Mad Hatter's Tea Party?

Are you enchanted by butterflies?
"The Enchantment" by Robert Bissell

Will you be a Green Man?

Or his Queen of the May?

Or maybe you'll be a mermaid?

Will you be in the guise of an Enchanted Child?
(All children are enchanted, are they not?)
By artist eNVyMe83 (Nancy) on Deviant Art

Perhaps you will appear as a unicorn in the moonlight?
"Forest Unicorn"by Anne Stokes

Are you a dryad, a tree spirit?
"Dryad" by Joleen Flasher

Or are you a water sprite?
"Water Sprite" by C. Gallion

Have I given you a good idea of the types of Enchanted Souls who will be at my gathering? Please e-mail me a picture of your incarnation at Please send it before June 24, which is international Fairy Day, a fitting day for our gathering.

A few days before the Gathering of  Enchanted Souls, I will show you my enchantment, describe the venue and offer up a menu. On Fairy Day, June 24, I will publish all your pictures.

Oh, by the way, I nearly forgot! Since Fairy Day is the Eve of my birthday, let's consider it my birthday party too. Would you please bring me a VIRTUAL gift, something you think this whimsical, fey girl would like?