Monday, April 9, 2007


I went to the antique show on Saturday and salivated over the vintage Easter items. There was a yellow and white papier mache rabbit for $32.00, a chalk ware rabbit for $35.00 and a couple of papier mache Easter eggs for $35.00 each. Since I don't have that kind of money this year, I came away with a few $1.00 Easter postcards, like the one shown in my previous post.
I have quite a large collection of vintage Easter items from previous years. I have gotten rid of all my cutesy Easter stuff and only display the vintage items, or reproductions thereof. The best ones were made in the early 20th Century in Germany, up until the war stopped exports to the U.S.
I love the rabbits with clothing, like the proper gentleman shown below. I really like vintage Easter scrap (scrap is colorful chromolithographed images printed on cardboard). And I adore vintage chenille chicks. I used to save my pennies so I could go to the five and dime store and buy ones similar to those pictured below, but with feather headdresses. The resin chick shown above is reproduced from a vintage Easter postcard. I'm especially drawn to Lefton chicks and bunnies made to look like chocolate rabbits. The vintage items can be found on EBay, but they are expensive because they are rare and in great demand.
The Victorian Papers catalog has six pages of to-die-for vintage Easter reproductions. Raz Imports, Inc. offers beautiful - and large - reproduction rabbit figures. Seasons at Cannon Falls also makes lovely, accurate reproductions.

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Daisy Lupin said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog, yes lila recommended your blog to me, its just for some reason I didn't connect Julie Marie with Celtic Woman. I do love the vintage easter ornaments, you don't really see a lot of that sort of thing over here. In England people don't really bother decorating at Easter, but I have an Easter Tree up.