Thursday, June 21, 2007


It's 11:55 PM - only 5 minutes left of Midsummer Night (taking it literally). I have had the best Summer Solstice ever. I have long wanted to celebrate the occasion but never found the opportunity until now. Tonight was our regularly scheduled book club meeting, so I asked the hostess if I could add a little celebration within the meeting.
Since Vicki can't build a bonfire in her yard, and since her neighbors would look askance (and aghast) at us 50- and 60-something ladies dancing naked in her backyard, I decided to pass on a pagan-type celebration and instead observe Fairy Day a few days early.
I have had so much fun the past few weeks, looking for fairy-and nature-related items to give to each member. I made up gift bags, each containing the following: A fairy/zodiac magnet (half of us are Cancers!), a fairy postcard, a fairy temporary tattoo, little embroidered flowers, a little gossamer bag filled with soap leaves, a fairy wand (of course!), some stickers, bubble-blowing liquid and a little vial of fairy dust tied with a string and a little fairy charm. I purchased the magnets, the postcards and the tattoos at These fairies are decidedly adult, and not at all cutesy. Risque is more like it!
I also printed out the Fairy Meditation from, and cut it into strips so each woman could read part of it. I ended up with five strips, so I printed out three fairy poems from the Internet so each of us could read something aloud. Afterward, we went out on the deck so we could blow bubbles (because fairies are attracted to bubbles.) After that, we went in and applied our tattoos.
After we enjoyed Vicki's sinfully delicious dessert and her hazelnut coffee, I had everyone look under their cups. My friend Jude found a sticker under hers, so she won the "grand prize," a little resin fairy and a small dream catcher.
Everyone, may I say, enjoyed the experience tremendously! And as I was getting into my car after it was over, I gazed up at the half moon, and gave a little wink and a nod to Daisy.
And yes, daughter dear, I have one of everthing left to make you a bag too!
There's still time to plan a celebration for Fairy Day, which is Sunday. The website listed above is full of ways to celebrate: e-greeting cards, free graphics, kids' projects, tips on decorating your house, and recipes. (I was going to make fairy sugar but didn't have the oomph to get it all together.)
P. S. When I got home from work today there were two huge boxes that came in the mail. I already know, without asking, that my niece Lisa will forbid me to open them until Monday. The big question is, can I resist?


couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

This all sounds AWESOME!
Too many emotions come to me right now!I think you all ladies felt and expressed your inner child celebrating fairy day and the Summer solstice last night. I am smiling imagining you all.
I am so glad you put all this together and also I am alot more happy knowing that your heart was so full of joy!
I think you didn't need my book for ideas you did wonderful!
Stay this way always! Joyful, beautiful!
Now, it's Friday! Good food Good wine: Dan & Julie's day! ;-)

Lila Rostenberg said...

Wow! You really had a lovely evening!!!!!
I'm going to the site you gave and sent all that to my daughter so she and granddaughter can "play"!

Patty said...

Oh that sounds like such fun. I love the idea of fairy day, and have known about it for awhile now. Not sure what I will do for it yet. I did take my grandson outside on the eve of the solstice and we left "honey" graham crackers and milk for them. He is two and I want to teach him some of the old traditions before he gets older and loses the innocence of childhood imagination. Maybe I will look around the stores for some little fairy things for him for Sunday. Thanks for the ideas

Carole Burant said...

Ooooh I so wish I could have celebrated with you!! I can just imagine how much fun everyone had and how thrilled they must have been with their goodie bags:-) I bet you a lot of them haven't had fun like that in years! hehe You truly are my type of faerie loving person:-) xox

GreenishLady said...

What a wonderful evening you put together. It was all so thoughtfully done. I've felt the fairy-dust being sprinkled by just reading your description.

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

That sounds fantastic. I had my own personal "Bon Fire" it was really quite small in a small kettle style grill. That I use just for fires not for cooking on. Check out my blog I put some pictures of my fire and the fairy door I made up today. Sounds like you had a great time of it.