Saturday, October 6, 2007


The Pixie sez to the Jack O'Lantern...

"Beware of a witch and a black hoodo
For they are a-coming to
capture you
If you cross your fingers
and count thirteen
They won't touch you on

I mentioned in the previous post that the Irish, along with the Scots, brought Halloween to America. Irish legends of pixies, brownies, elves and sprites found their way into early 20th century postcards. Here are some examples. Enjoy!

What are those elves brewing up?

Dueling Brownies
And some Irish turnip Jack O'Lanterns!

"There are elves and
black cats all about
Pip! Pip!
You'd better look out!"

But they seem pretty friendly!

These brownies don't look very scary to me!


GreenishLady said...

Hi, Julie Marie. You really do some great research on these topics! On the Jack-o-Lantern, yes, we used turnips when we were young to make them. At hallowe'en, a nearby farmer would give away mounds of turnips (or mangolds)to local children. My cousins would carve them out for us. I never saw a pumpkin until I was grown up. Now they are available here, too, and turnips are used less often.
Love those old postcards!

Laurie said...

These Halloween cards are great. I am part Irish and Scottish too (throw some German and English in there too)~ my Nana always had wonderful stories to tell about her very superstitious (sp?) mother.

Kelli said...

I love all the vintage Halloween postcards, so cute!!
Thank you for your comment about my hankies, you are always so generous and thougtful!

Patty said...

Awww those cards are so cute. I love all the information in you last couple of post!

Rowan said...

These are great Halloween postcards. The previous post about Jack O'Lantern was interesting, I knew the name but not the story behind it. I love reading these explanations of phrases and sayings that we all use without knowing their origins.

Leanne said...

what great postcards!! made me smile!

Leanne x

gma said...

All of them are great! Especially love the Elfs stirring the cauldron.

smilnsigh said...

These are soooo cute!

And thanks much, for commenting that you can still comment in my blog. Changing my Header picture did not 'mess with' my blog this time... Well, so far! ,-)


Anonymous said...

These are some great postcards.

Every year I get a copy of an old Haloween postcard from a friend in USA. I love them.

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

Great research and thank you for posting those postcards, I will save them in my pc.
I haven't done that much reading lately, I have been vacationing and partying, I guess, LOL

Bimbimbie said...

Wonderful Halloween postcards are they ones you have collected? Halloween isn't such a tradition here in Australia, well not in my area anyway. I might just indulge myself this year and carve my first pumpkin unless I find a turnip - thanks for the inspiration Julie *!*