Saturday, August 11, 2007


I am having a beautiful day today, because I had a beautiful morning. And I had that beautiful morning all because of a breeze. I woke early this morning, about six-ish, to the sound of a very fierce thunderstorm. After the storm passed, a lovely cool breeze started blowing into the bedroom windows.

I got up briefly to have my orange juice and meds, and a little visit with the doggies, but then I went back to bed until noon. It was just so wonderful to have that fresh invigorating air blowing the curtains in and out. I could actually snuggle into my comforter and still not feel too hot. Oh light wind, oh kind zephyr. You have cleansed my mind, refreshed my spirit, rejuvenated my body and soothed my soul.

Now, having having shared my lunch with the dogs and done some emailing and posting, I can still feel a gentle breeze throughout the house. The dogs are grateful too, as they doze on the cool living room floor beside me.

The weather here in August has been an improvement over that in July. It is such a relief to leave work at 5 pm and not walk into a blast oven. So nice not to have your car keys and steering wheel get so hot you can barely stand to touch them.

So nice not to toss and turn at night trying to grab some sleep in a hot bedroom, or tolerate having the living room window a/c on and a series of strategically-placed, noisy fans trying desperately to distribute some cool air. When we do the latter, we have to leave the bedroom door open and the doggies think they MUST sleep with us as they love us so much.

It's so great to have the high humidity gone too. So nice not to feel sick to my stomach when the humidity and heat have matching numbers. So nice not to feel too hot and miserable to eat. So nice not to have your clothes stick to you and your hair go all frizzy. (Why did I pick this, the most humid summer in memory, to get a perm?)

By the way, that lovely bedroom in the photo above is not mine. I wish it was. My bedroom needs help. Dan loves to have a feather pillow, and recently Gracie chewed a big hole in his pillow, so there are feathers floating all over. Plus, the carpet needs to be replaced due to you know who. (Gracie, not Dan!!)

Anyway, I feel great, and I am soon heading out to see "Stardust." I'm as excited to see it as my daughter was to see the three "Lord of the Rings" movies.


Naturegirl said...

Always nice to have that breeze come in and that humidity gone! Migraine city here in high humidity!!
Ahh.. that photo is dreamy..sigh NG

Carole Burant said...

Makes my heart glad to hear that you had such a lovely morning and day:-) Having some cooler air coming in certainly does lighten the mood...when I woke up at 6 this morning it was 60F with a breeze coming in through my wide open was bliss!!! But then it got really hot again! lol xoxo

Rowan said...

Lovely photo - high heat and humidity are a horrible combination. I experienced it once in New England and have no desire to repeat it. A soft cooling breeze and chance to relax and enjoy it - glad you had such a good day.

Tea said...

Hi Julie

I can just picture that lovely breeze. I hate the humidity too. But always least it`s not snowing LOL
I`ve heard of Anais Nin although have never read her. Heard that her autobiography is quite interesting. Wouldn`t mind reading that sometime.


Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Julie, Like Rowan, I too experienced a few weeks of matching heat and humidity in New England. Not a repeatable experience. So glad the relief has finally come around for you. I hope there are no relapses. So, was the movie as good as the trailers promise? Hugs, Annie

Bimbimbie said...

..... slowly heading towards the heat and humidity you describe just how it is here in December and January - those thunderstorms and breezes are always so welcome, glad one reached you *!*

Miss Robyn said...

I am glad it is cooling down for you.. hope it stays that way!
oh and guess what? I have found that some of my relatives come from - Methven, a town outside Perth in Scotland. and St Andrews, Fifeshire. That is one side of the family.. I am still searching the others! Seems the more I search the more Celtic I seem to be.. but we knew that.

Anonymous said...

I always love it when you can really "feel" the weather. It is raining cats and dogs here cool :-)

smilnsigh said...

"So nice not to feel sick to my stomach when the humidity and heat have matching numbers."

You are not alone.

Me too, the older I get, the more it bothers me.