Wednesday, September 12, 2007


When I was looking for photos for my post about bittersweet (below), I wasn't surprised to find this photo labeled "Bittersweet." Not surprised, because a lot of people mix up bittersweet and Chinese lanterns. I suppose it is because of their shared orange color and their appearance in fall. FOLKS, THIS IS NOT BITTERSWEET! It is CHINESE LANTERNS.

I tried growing Chinese lanterns once, but failed miserably. I have never seen it grown in any garden in Bismarck so I had supposed it was not suited to our climate. However, since then, I have been able to purchase stems of Chinese lanterns at fall craft fairs from area vendors.

The "lanterns" are extremely fragile but if you take really good care of them and pack them well from season to season, they can last a long time.


Leanne said...

my mum grows chinese lanterns here in her garden, they are lovely arent they? she has also dried them for use in other arrangements.

Leanne x

smilnsigh said...

Must be Chines Lanterns are happy in the NE because we used to have them sort of growing wild.

You asked where I get the pics I put in my 'smilnsigh' blog... When I don't give any 'got from info' at the end of my entries, I got them from or I just do a Search in their sites, for a topic and you get zillions of pics to choose from.

When I take them from places which want 'got from credit,' I put their link, at the end of my entries.

It takes time to look for the "right pic" but luckily, I have the time and enjoy doing it. :-)


Miss Robyn said...

our chinese lanterns are a different plant here - I don't think we have bittersweet. I know that i have embroidered the bittersweet on a cushion awhile ago.
oh & I am away for 3 days on a biking adventure - see you when I come home!

gma said...

Both Chinese Lantern and Bittersweet are so pretty Julie.
Wandering around looking for these plants on river beds sounds like an adventure.

kate said...

I can grow Bittersweet here but not Chinese Lanterns. When I lived in the east, they became incredibly invasive.

smilnsigh said...

You commented that you can comment in my 'smilnsigh,' from work computer. And not from home one.

What's the difference? But Pc's? One a Pc and one a Mac? Does your work computer use Firefox? And you don't use Firefox, at home?

This has been a recurring theme... people who could not comment with other brousers {that's what they are called I think}, could when they were using Firefox.

Why?? I don't know. I have ALWAYS used Firefox.


Carole Burant said...

I've always love Chinese Lanterns but we can't grow them here, I guess our weather is just not right for it! As for the Bittersweet, I've never seen that growing around here beautiful it looks, talk about true Autumn colours:-) xox

Kelli said...

I adore Chinese Lanterns! There are some wild ones behind my mil's house that I should go pick. Emily and Benjamin tried growing some this year but nothing came up.

Lila Rostenberg said...

Both plants are colorful and beautiful...maybe I need to include them in some paintings!