Monday, September 17, 2007


Waiting for me when I got home from a long, dreary Monday at work was a package from Australia. I had won Robyn of "Tales From Inglewood's" Faerie Magick giftaway a couple of weeks ago and never expected the package to arrive so soon. It certainly instilled a lot of faerie magick into my day.
In case you can't read the (sideways) note on the package, Ms. Robyn wrote: "When I was little, my nan would buy me Honey Jumbles and I would sit under the ancient willow tree, eating them while I chatted to the faeries." I immediately had to open the bag and taste this treat that entices faeries. They are delicious - sort of like a soft ginger cookie with either pink or white frosting. I have already eaten several.
Since it is a beautiful warm day, I will take them out to my patio and eat them under my own magic tree, a huge American elm.
The package also included the faerie stones, the greeting card and the faerie card you see here, plus a little bottle of faerie candies and a cardboard pouch with a teeny, tiny pink ring just the right size for a faerie. I am going to leave it out on my computer and see if anyone spirits it away to her faerie den.
Everything was wrapped up in purple tissue paper with a hot pink ribbon. It was the most fun thing I've gotten in the mail in a long time. (Since I got my package from Carmen, tee hee.) Thank you, Robyn, for the magick.
There are only eight more posts until my 200th post, when I will be having a fall giftaway. Please add your name to the post on that day to enter. Even if you live Down Under, you can still enter and enjoy the fall gifts six months from now.


Carole Burant said...

That is indeed a very magical package to receive and it's no wonder it made your day:-) Like you, I truly believe in faeries!! Those Honey Jumbles sound careful, though, they might turn you into a little faerie! hehe xox

Sheila said...

Robyn always sends the nicest packages.
It looks like yours was filled with lovely treats. Congratulations on winning the giftaway, and enjoy your gift.

smilnsigh said...

And a Magickal package. :-)


Miss Robyn said...

I am so glad that you received it when you needed it.. but of course - faery magick!! works in mysterious ways....enjoy and by the way, those honey jumbles, they are calorie free.... well they were when I was little ~ tee,hee xoxo

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

Very beautiful magical package!
That Robin is a master priestess fairy herself!!!
Keep enjoying the magic!

Leanne said...

aw, how lovely to have a gift like that! Full of surprise and faerie magic!

Leanne x

gma said...

Wonderful package from Miss*R*
She is so sweet....and you so deserving of special treats.
Where are you going to put your faery stones?

Lila Rostenberg said...

A magical package to a deserving, believing friend of fairies!

Bimbimbie said...

What a great pick you up for a dreary Monday .... congratulations Julie Smiles *!*

Naturegirl said...

How wonderful this fairie package brought you sunshine! Honey jumbles surely come from fairies!
Truly a special package! hugs NG