Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Okay, so I lied in my previous post. Here's one more. But actually,
I think of this not as a piece of art but a visual journal entry.
(Click on picture to read writing)


Anonymous said...

Love this piece. Love the thoughts behind it also.

Carole Burant said...

I love this have every reason to be proud to be a Celt!! xox

Glas said...

This is so lovely - there is so much in comm0on between your face and that of the Irish maiden. Thank you so much for sharing!

Kim Campbell said...

I love this one! I promise the more you "play" more your Muse starts to emerge.

smilnsigh said...


I'm Irish and Scottish. Be I a Celt?

I certainly feel thus. Although I also feel my Germanic roots. And I'm rounded out with Austrian.

Oh sigh, not a calm one among them, I guess. -grin- Except Austrian, I don't know of any 'wild determination' genes, from there.

All Northern climes though. And I view this, as the reason I'm very unhappy with heat/humidity. As in, I hated being in FL. ,-)


Leanne said...

Julie, I love this piece of artwork. its fab! the celts were poets, artists, you are following their traditions.

Love it!!

Leanne in UK x