Monday, June 18, 2012


I just received my first VIRTUAL birthday present! As you may or may not know, my birthday is one week from today, June 25. And in celebration of  the BD and of Fairy Day, the day before, I am holding a Fairy Day/Birthday Eve Enchanted Souls party. (Scroll down a couple of entries for that post.

I shamelessly asked to be given lots of virtual birthday presents. And this action was truly shameless, as virtual presents cost the sender no money at all, as they are just a picture from a catalog or the Internet of something that I, a Celtic Lady, would really enjoy.

This virtual dragon is from Brittany, who was sorry I couldn't find my little seated dragon. This one is much, much bigger, believe me.

Brittany also sent me a drawing of how she will be appearing at my party. Now I am getting excited because it seems like I won't have to cancel my party at all - but I still need lots more attendees. If, like me, you are hopeless with pen or paints, you don't have to send a drawing. An image from the Internet or a magazine will do just fine.

(The actual, opposite-of-virtual dragon is available through Design Toscano. I have ordered from them before and they have good service and low shipping prices. Last summer I showed you the unicorn I ordered for my Celtic garden. Mr. Unicorn spent last winter in Kristen's old bedroom, as he is not cold-weather resistant. When Kristen was home for Christmas I asked her if she minded sharing her room with the unicorn. She replied, "He's fine. He doesn't say much.")


Kath said...

happy Birthday for 25th Julie!

I would like to give you a visit to Glastonbury. Here is a panorama from the top of the Tor.

Kath xx

Brit said...

Oh Hooray!! :D

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

How nice of your unicorn to be quiet - mine seem to have a lot to say.