Friday, April 25, 2008


I lifted this painting from Joyce's blog so I can't tell you who painted it. Sorry. I tried finding it on the web, but I was too tired to continue. That's why I chose the painting in the first place: I'M SO TIRED!! (The lady might be sad instead of tired, but Joyce and I like to think of her as being tired. Or maybe she is tired of being sad because she's been crying her eyes out. You know how tired your eyes feel after crying your eyes out. Anyway, she's all tuckered out.)

(Note added later: See first comment by Joyce.)

I haven't been blogging, reading blogs, commenting on blogs or answering emails. I issue no apologies for the first three, but I am sorry for ignoring emails and I will try to reply to them soon.

This has been my life this week:

My first week on the new job: A half day of orientation, two full days of new software training, then two half days of training. I was excused from attending the break-out afternoon sessions yesterday and today. Yay!

Most of the 15 women attending the training have worked in conference, enrichment classes and event planning for years. The instructor, learning I was brand new at this, told me my training experience would be akin to arriving at a play at the beginning of Act II, all the while trying to find out what went on in Act I. She was right, although it felt more like coming in at the beginning of Act III.

The software we are learning has been used for such massive events as the Olympics. You wouldn't believe how many variables are involved in setting up a conference: registration, transportation, meals, accommodations, break-out events, instructors, contracts, contacting the media, medical condition of participants, setting up websites, receiving money, accounting for money, printing brochures, booklets and pamphlets, etc. etc.

And I cannot BEGIN to tell you how many ways there are - for EACH of these variables - to enter, track and generate reports on them. My mind has been well and truly boggled this week. I am exhausted. I think every one's mind was exhausted.

On the home front:

Gracie is in heat. For those of you who have a female dog who hasn't yet been "fixed", you get the picture. For those of you who don't, I won't go into details.

I attended book club Wednesday night, which is always a wonderful experience, but due to the combination of stimulating conversation, coffee (even though it was decaf) and a huge slice of sinfully scrumptious Bacardi rum cake, I was awake until 3 AM.

Dan needed my car this week, so he had to give me rides to and from work. Every morning, he paced to and fro and and champed at the bit in a hurry to leave the house. "Wait", I wailed, "Give me a minute to check my email!!" It's amazing how much I revel in the freedom of having my own transportation.

On the weather front:

We had a thunderstorm in the wee hours of Monday morning. Unlike most people in Bismarck, I wasn't awakened by the loud thunder. Oh, no, I was already awake, with new-job jitters.

We've received about 2/3 of an inch of precipitation this week. It's a start, but it's not enough to break our severe drought. We need several two-day soakers, NOW! Winter has returned to North Dakota, with some of that precipitation arriving in the form of snow. Wednesday afternoon, it was raining/snowing/sleeting/thundering and lightning all at once. High temps have only been in the 30s, and there is a blizzard predicted for the extreme southeastern corner of the state for tonight.

On the positive front:

Two days off, lunch and a bit of shopping with my sis tomorrow (I need nicer work clothes desperately), good meals all weekend, a terrific book to read ("A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini), blogging and reading blogs, naps and more naps.

This very boring view of a week in my life was written as an all-inclusive answer to those of you who posted or emailed to inquire about the job and the rain situation. Thanks for your prayers and good wishes.


Joyce said...

Doesn't sound as if you had a "boring week" at all to me! HA!

Hey you can "lift" anything you want off of my page's fine with me.
My Aunt asked me when I posted that picture if that lady was "vexed" because she thought she looked vexed. HA! I said....."humm....I suppose she is vexed but I think she's only TIRED!" Like I was when I put it on my site in the first place. HA!

Ugh....SNOW in late April.....welcome to the NORTH of Dakota. Yikes.

Sounds as if your job is going to be busy, busy, busy, and interesting. Although I don't like to come in on Act one or two...I like being there 10 minutes EARLY at least Thank you! So I hope you can grasp all that.

Don't feel bad for not responding to e-mails at this point. That's how it works when you are learning a new job. You will get to it one day.....maybe. HA! I'm not offended at least.

I read the "Kite Runner"...I've been meaning to read that next one as well....hadn't gotten to it yet.
Hang in there my friend.....
I'm thinking of you.

Lila Rostenberg said...

Get some rest!
Hugs to you!

J C said...

Wish I'd had some of that "event" training last month when I was trying to put together our 80 vendor outdoor arts and crafts festival cold turkey..first time. Whew..just a small show. I would shudder at an olympic event! It was successful, but only by the skin of my teeth. I love coming here especially to see the beautiful art you post. xoxoxo

Leanne said...

aw hugs Julie, thanks for the email. in all this rush and stress and hurry, make sure you take a little time out just for you. ok? You are very important too1

leanne x

gma said...

You have been on my mind all week. I havn't done much eMailing or blogging either...working on the altered book. sending you lots of love for a restful weekend.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Julie, I can sooo relate - actually 'relate' in the near future tense. I am in the process of job hunting and am in amazement at all I don't even know that I don't know. And at my age and experience, that's intimidating!
You deserve a full week-end of rest & pampering - hope you can do some of both!
Good luck next week in your job - think positive thoughts!

GreenishLady said...

I think the lady in the picture is heart-broken. She's just received a letter with devastating news, I imagine.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, to restore you after your stressful week. Glad you have the first week of the job done. It sounds very interesting indeed. The skills you will have gained! Impressive!

Anonymous said...

Have a really restful weekend. sending you hugs.

Mary said...

I know how hard this is - all new jobs are never what they tell you at the interview......they are always much more involved and one thinks 'what the h--- have I gotten myself into?'
I'm so thankful I no longer have to go through this, and Julie dear friend, I pray you will find it gets easier and that you will reach retirement age in the not too distant future. No that I'm wishing you old - you know what I mean.
Hope yur weekend is going great - have a fun time.
Hugs - good wishes for the upcoming week - hang in there.

Patty said...

I'm glad you found a few mintues to post. I have missed you. It sounds like you are having a hectic time right now. Hopefully things will settle down soon. Get some sleep.

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Julie hope you managed to have the sort of weekend you were hoping for. Your new job sounds interesting if challenging for the moment.

Fingers crossed for that rain to arrive for your area *!*

Sometimes It's Good said...

Snow sounds was 102 here in Riverside today! Pant! Pant! This weird weather is starting to scare me. It' usually cool here until the end of June.

Glad your back, I've missed you, too. Best wishes on your new job!

Miss Robyn said...

no need to apologize.. well not to me anyway.. I have been on a long blogging break and was just too tired to comment on many blogs.. but I am back.. so here I am.
I sure hope spring comes and when it does, I hope it brings those spring showers! we have had alot of rain over the summer and it seems autumn is going to be wet as well. today it sleeted. stay well dear Julie - til we meet again (via blogging or email) xoxo

Maggie said...

Anyone starting a new job knows how hectic it can be at first. It's a good thing we have weekends to rejuvenate.
I want to read A Thousand Splendid Suns. I'm on the waiting list at the library and so far I am number 103 of 210 people waiting for it. I guess that means it is a good read.
Have a great week Julie.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Julie, this does not sound a BIT boring. In fact, I'm exhausted just at reading all of this. LOL However, I sense that you are not complaining as the alternative is not to be thought of.

Wishing you all the best as you scramble to catch up to Act I.


Barbara said...

Good luck in your new job, Julie - I'd been wondering about you!

a Pocket Angel said...

Julie, I just wanted to stop by say hello and tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you were able to get some rest and enjoy your 2 days off. Take care!
Hugs & love ~Mary~

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

I am so glad to hear of your news and that's ok to be tired, you have a job, yay!!!!
And you seem to be learning alot and having fun.
Stay in touch whenever you can.
I love you!
friendly, your blog sister

Sandy said...

Love the post. Good luck with that training and new job. You might want to have your dog "fixed". I had a female black lab and almost lost her due to pyrometria (I'm sure that's not spelled right) when she was about 8 because she wasn't spayed.

Loved the painting!!!

Sheila said...

You pack a lot into seven days.
I hope you enjoyed the time spent with your sister and managed to get in some reading and nap time too.

kathyann said...

Hi Julie I'm not suprised you are exhausted,I feel tired just reading about your new job!
Thanks for the email and don't worry about the faery mags,I do understand,glad you liked the forwarded message!I know its hard when you are so busy but do take some time out for yourself and take care!Love and blessings from Kathyann and the girls

LW said...

I hope this week went better...