Saturday, April 25, 2009


Not long ago I discovered a new blogger who is 1. my first Scottish blogging friend and 2. a really good artist.

Recently Ruthie held a drawing for the beautiful angel painting above, and I won the drawing. I was so thrilled, because I have always loved paintings of red-headed women. The painting is so beautiful in person. You can't see them in this picture - which I borrowed from Ruthie's blog, but there are gold stars against the dark blue background, and the gold is metallic.

In an enclosed note, Ruthie wrote that she had included some other "bits and bobs" from Scotland. Bits and bobs, she calls them? She sent me a CD called "Tribute" with music by her husband's Ceilidh band, as well as other samples of her own art. The Celtic mermaid, above, is shown on her blog. Being a lover of Celtic fantasy art, I wanted a print of it as soon as I saw it. Now I have one!

The mermaid, a stunning owl and a teddy bear like the white one shown below are featured on three note cards she sent. She tucked in a bookmark decorated with faeries wearing skirts made with real pansy petals. Then there was a wee friendship booklet, "Precious Things", with a thistle on the cover.

And last but certainly not least, two items from nature: A bunch of "lucky" Scottish heather, "picked of the brae at Cairnsmore of Fleet" and two seashells, "from the shore at Carrick Beach, known as 'pelicans feet' shells locally" (they really do look like pelicans' feet).
If I can't go to Scotland, receiving this parcel was the next best thing. Please check out Ruthie's lovely blog for more of her artwork:

Ruthie hopes to have an Etsy shop and her own website soon, but people can contact her directly for now.
I also recently received parcels from four other blogging friends that I have not acknowledged yet. Than you, Sheila from "Simple Pleasures" for thinking of me when you upgraded your digital camera and sent me the "old" one (not old at all).
Thank you, Leanne from "Somerset Seasons Dorset Days" for the signed copy of "The Magus of Stonewylde." How much trouble you went to, having Kit Berry sign it and posting it from England, and then - as I already told you - Gracie tore up the parcel and book before I even got home.
Thanks to Joyce from "The Secret Gardener" who sent me the Barbie Irish Step Dancer doll, just because I write about Celtic things. Joyce, you are a sweet Southern lady and like me, a lover of Irish things.
Thanks also to Janet from "The Lavender Loft", who sent me a "Pay It Forward" package that went far beyond the expectations of the PIF concept. She sent me a porcelain tussie mussie, an angel figurine and many samples of her gorgeous artwork. Yes, Janet is another very talented artist (and published in "Artful Blogging" - yay, Janet!). Since my scanner isn't working, I wasn't able to scan Janet's pieces but I am including her blog address so you can see her fine work and find links to her Artopia art blog and Etsy shop:
I can't believe there are such nice people out there in Blogland. I try to be nice in return, and to that end, it is time to announce the two winners of my art supplies giveaways. They are Annie from "In My Dreams", whose address I have, and Grendelskin, whom I don't know, so please e-mail me with your real name and address.


Anonymous said...

That artwork is georgeous, going to check it out now :-)

Annie Jeffries said...

What beautiful fantasy art Julie and what a blessing for you. I'll be visiting her blog to see more. And what a nice surprise to be a winner. Thank you so much. Love, Annie

Janet said...

The red-haired angel is fantastic!! And I like the mermaid, too. Now I'm on my way over to check out her blog.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Lovely -just lovely - all of it!!!!

grendelskin said...

I like your red-haired angel, she's lovely. Thanks for picking my name, too - so generous of you!

Kim Campbell said...

Beautiful!! Congratulations to everyone who won!!!

Lila Rostenberg said...

Love those red-heads! Especailly the mermaid!
Reading about "The Red Leather Diary" in your previous post has made me resolve to re-connect with my own inner "free-spirited" teenager!

Ruthie Redden said...

thank you julie for this wee mention, very lovely. i am just so pleased my "bits & bobs" went to such a lovely lady x have a wonderful day

Shopgirl said...

Her Blog is really lovely...I do like the redheaded angel. The Diary sounds very special, I would love to read it. Congrats to the is so much fun to get something from a friend.
Happy Tuesday, Mary

gma said...

So glad you won the red headed angel. Perfect for you!!!You are very deserving of these lovely things.