Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I'm celebrating my return to blogging by celebrating the birthday of my dear friend Gemma, aka Linda.
Gemma, like me, is a lady of a certain age who is enjoying a wonderful second childhood. She believes in mermaids and fairies, and as you can see by the photo above, likes to search for fairies whenever she is in a likely place, such as the magical garden above, where fairies certainly must be found. She doesn't mind at all if people look at her strangely when she's hunting high and low.
Gemma is A Wild Woman In A Desert Garden (Arizona). In fact, that's the name of her blog. Go to (http://www.adesertgarden.blogspot.com/) Occasionally she can be spotted dancing under the full moon, or sporting a swatch of pink in her hair.
Gemma is a talented artist who sometimes accompanies her art with beautiful, evocative poems. A member of the "Glitter Power Sisters", she recently hosted a gathering of the GPS in Sedona, a spiritual place for a very spiritual lady. She has a huge heart and a kind and loving soul.
Gemma is one of my soul friends, to be sure, but she is more. She is my ancestral sister. We come from the same ancient tribe. In this life, we come from the same place too. I knew for sure when Gemma wrote her "Where I'm From" essay that has made its way around blogland.
We're from Blue Willow china, wooden screen doors, clothes drying on the line, small houses with big yards, hardscrabble beginnings and strong family circles with funny, interesting, quirky relatives.
I like to think of us as the Blue Willow gals.
Happy Birthday, Gemma. I hope you are having a wonderful day. I'm sorry I'm posting this so late. I took a nap after work and now look at the time.
My wish for you, today, Gemma, involves "G", and you know what it is.
Love, Julie


Naturegirl said...

Julie what a lovely tribute to a special "GEM"! Yes having met Gemma in person she does have the kindest most generous and loving heart!I LOVE the photo you posted!That's our Gemma!
Happy Birthday to a sweet lady !
hugs aNNa
Julie hugging you too for taking the time to post this..I'm home now and catching up on my blogging.

Lila Rostenberg said...

We love Gemma!
I love that you are calling all of us "blue willow girls"!
Paris breakfast blog just posted about blue willow today too!
[I'm catching up on blogland after my week away!]

gma said...

Ahhhh Thank you so much anam cara Julie. Sending love back to you tied with heart strings..

Annie Jeffries said...

Welcome back. Bopping over to Gemma's to wish her happy. Hugs, Annie

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

me love pink lady Gemma

Patty said...

Welcome back Julie, I hope you will come by and visit my new blog about my trip to gettysburg Pa..also stop into the paranormal blog for my ghostly adventures while I was there.
Also a very happy birthday to Miss Gemma, mine is next week.

Suldog said...

Happy Birthday, Gemma! September 30th was the birthday of both My Father and MY WIFE's father. A grand day for good people!

Julie - You were involved in the "Thanksgiving Comes First" stuff on my blog last year. I'm starting it up again. Thought you'd like to know.


LW said...

Welcome back.....
I started a "Where I'm From" essay when you first posted yours…
It is all done except for one part, I got stuck and never went back to finish.
Thanks for the reminder because that is something that I want to complete.

I hope your friend had a wonderful birthday….