Thursday, January 31, 2008



-by Lila of "Indigo Pears"

Last fall, after I wrote a post about Bittersweet and Chinese Lanterns, Lila at "Indigo Pears" was inspired to create a painting featuring those autumn lovelies. After she posted the painting on her blog, I begged her to let me buy it. That red, those oranges, those blues! (I didn't even know if it was for sale, but I had to have it!)

The painting arrived today, and look what Lila added to the package as a bonus!! What a wonderful Celtic warrior lady. I love that she is fierce. Check out the flowing red locks, the primitive animal drawing on her cloak, the beaded embellishments and the blue woad on her face.
Above, Front View - Sorry, I only got part of one earring in the photo.

Last year, trying to get more in touch with my Celtic side, I bought Lila's Celtic River Goddess Danu. (She also had other art dolls in her Etsy shop but other fortunate people scooped them up). Now I have this beautiful doll to stand by Danu's side. But she must have a name! Does anyone know of a Celtic Warrior Princess or Goddess with a name befitting my strong, independent, fiery beauty?

Back view: I parted the long red hair so you can see the animal drawing. Lila, I don't know how I got that flaky stuff on the cloak, but it's gone now!

Thank you so much Lila. I will treasure them forever.

Please check out Lila's blog at, as well as her "Arty Collages and Dolls" site and her Etsy shop.


Added Friday: As you will see by the comments, the doll was made by the Late Daisy Lupin. She made it as part of a Celtic art doll swap. I understand it was the last one she made before she died. I am so glad that Lila passed it on to me; doubly glad that I have something that Daisy once held in her own hands.


Anonymous said...

The first name that comes to mind is Boudicca, Celtic queen of the Iceni tribe, who united the tribes into an army and led them into a revolt against Rome.

Lila Rostenberg said...

She is Epona, the Celtic goddess of horses. She was made by Daisy Lupin for our Celtic goddess doll exchange, I thought she would enjoy a visit with you, you "Celtic Woman"!!!!

Bimbimbie said...

Lila did a brilliant job both the panting and the warrior doll *!*

julia said...

I love the painting, maybe I'll get out my water colours and have some fun this afternoon now that I feel inspired....

Laurie said...

I always admire Lila's work! This is beautiful. I like the Goddess doll ~ I found this today ~ I find reading about the ancient Gods and Goddess fascinating!

Badb is the Irish (Celtic) Goddess of war. She often assumes the form of a raven or carrion-crow (her favorite disguise) and is then referred to as Badb Catha, meaning "battle raven". Not only did she take part in battles themselves, she also influenced their outcome by causing confusion among the warriors with her magic. The battle-field is often called 'land of Badb'. She formed part of a triad of war-goddesses with Macha (Nemain) and the Morrigan.(Encyclopedia Mystica online)

gma said...

Lila is so talented and generous.
Bittersweet is lovely.
How awesome she sent you got one of Daisies dolls!!!

Carole Burant said...

The painting is just beautiful and I can understand why you wanted to buy it...Lila is indeed very artistically talented. Love the Celtic doll as brought tears to my eyes, to find out it was made by Daisy Lupin! I have a Christmas ornament Daisy had made for me and I will treasure it always. xoxo

LW said...

The painting is wonderful, I can see why you wanted it so and I adore that doll.

My mom always had Chinese lanterns in the house when I was growing up , I don't remember if she grew it or what but I remember hanging the globes in my dollhouse because I loved the color and shape.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous painting! Love the doll too ... she sounds perfect for you. ~ Lynda

kathyann said...

Beautiful painting from a talented lady,loved the fact that Daisy made the doll ,what a lovely keepsake!love from Kathyann and the girls

Lena said...

I love Lila's Chinese Lanterns. I have real ones growing in my garden, and consider them a gift, every autumn.