Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Today, at work, I was thinking I need to do this until the first of April:

Because of my Seasonal Affective Disorder, all I want to do is this:

(But with a blanket or two.) I'd like a cozy little nest in a tree trunk somewhere, while January, February and March go on without me:

I was so tired I could hardly stay awake. Gosh, all I could do was yawn:

I have no ambition, no desire to do anything. I can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning and get myself to work. I'm just sleepwalking through my life. You could say I'm one conked-out kitty;

One droopy doggie:

Then, I had my first appointment with an acupuncturist/herbalist late this afternoon for my carpal tunnel syndrome. After an evaluation, I was also told I have spleen deficiency, according to traditional Chinese medicine. No wonder I'm so tired, have no energy and am cold all the time. So after my free consultation, I decided to go for it and have my first treatment for both problems.
My decision was based partly on my liking and trusting the acupuncturist/herbalist. A local guy who graduated from Bismarck High just four years ahead of my daughter, he studied Chinese medicine for three years in the Twin Cities. I especially liked the fact that he made no promises. He's helped some people a lot; some, not so much.
The insertion of the needles hurt not at all or very little. I had eight needles in each upper limb; not sure how many went in the legs and feet. I also had electrodes applied to the base of my fingers.
After the needles were all in, he turned on a warming lamp for my feet and turned off the lights. The darkness, the gently pulsing electrodes and the soothing music nearly put me to sleep. All in all, a very pleasant experience.
I'm going back on Friday and Monday, and by Monday I'll also get some herbal extracts or supplements.
A new staffer at the clinic also offers Tai Chi and Qui Gong to help get the chi flowing. I plan to have a consultation for that as well. Maybe I won't have to hibernate through the winter after all.


Sue Simpson said...

Oh Julie, being a sufferer of S>A>D> for many years I know exactly how you feel. My advice is to walk a little everyday in the daylight...The days are already getting lighter and longer. I sleep when I'm tired and get up when I'm ready. Just don't tax yourself too much hunny.
Thinking of you,
Love Sue xxx

Miss Robyn said...

oh I am so, so glad reading this.. I am a firm believer of acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine... I have been going to one for nearly 18 years and I swear by it.
so glad you are enjoying the treatment.. that's the way to do it.. rest and nearly go to sleep while the needles do their work. I love that he puts the lamp on your feet. I must mention that to my acupuncturist

Sheila said...

Must be the season Julie.
You could be describing the way I feel right now. Talk about dragged out. Maybe a result of the cold that has taken 2 weeks to get over.
I hope the acupuncture gives you relief from both problems. Keep us posted. By the way I am reading a book I think you would like, when I'm done I will send it to you. The speed I'm going it won't be soon, but I will email you about it..

Lila Rostenberg said...

Good for you! taking steps to get better and taking care of Julie! I can understand the SAD time of year! I think we get a little more sun down here in Arkansas, but it is still a "lazy" time of year for those of us who get energy from the sun!

nonizamboni said...

Great post for us who can't so easily tolerate winter. . .you left out needing to eat every carb ever invented--at least that's how I am, and then I want to sleep. Glad you're finding relief and I hope you'll do some tai chi when you can too.
Take good care,my friend.

Janet said...

I'm so glad you had a positive experience with the acupuncture. I'm all for alternative medicine. And the Tai Chi and Qui Gong sound good, too.

When I lived back in the Midwest the winters were terrible for me but since leaving there I haven't had the same problems.

smilnsigh said...

Ohhh such cute pics! I am having a "saccharin attack". -giggles-

I so hope this does you good. And the falling asleep during the procedure sure sounds good, in itself. Good luck!


LW said...

I hope all this will work for you and you get some relief.
My husband has SAD, it doesn't help that he spends his day in an office and it's dark as he travels to and from work.
We hope to move south as soon as the kids finish college.


Kim Campbell said...

Keep me posted. I have always wanted to try this.

Laurie said...

Good for you Julie! I have always had an interest in herbal medicine and I find acupuncture very interesting (although I have never had it done). I have had my fill of traditional doctors. I hope you find some relief.

Lena said...

Hi Julie,
I'm glad that you came away feeling good about the first treatment.

I have SAD too, and find relief from using one of the lights that you've probably heard about. It really does make a big difference.