Saturday, May 24, 2008


"SPRING RAIN" - John Sloan (1912)

It's thundering, it's lightning, it's raining, it's POURING!!!!

Rain has finally come to us parched folks in Bismarck and across a large swath of North Dakota. And no grownup will, I dare say, complain (at least aloud) that this rain has ruined their Memorial Day weekend. We NoDaks have needed rain so badly for so long that it is entirely welcome. We'll gladly sacrifice a weekend of camping, ball games, boating on the lakes and rivers, gardening or just sunning on the lawn.

It's been raining at least since I woke up this morning at 7, and the thunderstorm came up a while ago. I had actually gone back to bed (how nice to sleep in on a rainy Saturday), but a little scritch-scritch at my door told me a certain dog was scared of the thunder boomers.

Right now I have not one but two dogs at my feet as I type. And when one of those dogs is a golden retriever, there's not much room for feet.

I was looking forward to having lunch with my sis, but she just now called and postponed it until tomorrow (she received unexpected company). I guess I'll just take some books and magazines and bundle back into bed with a couple of dogs and the TV for company.

The rain certainly didn't spoil OUR holiday plans, because we didn't have any - never do. Dan always has to work Memorial weekend Saturdays and Mondays.

In fact, I really, really dislike Memorial Day. Don't get me wrong, I have always loved this holiday, the kickoff to glorious summer. But in the past few years terrible things have happened to us on Memorial Day. One year, my niece and nephew's dad shot himself in the hand with a bow and arrow. Another year, Dan had his heart attack. And still another year, Kristen was hit by a car.

So all in all, Memorial Day means "Jinx" to me, with lots of time spent in the emergency room or intensive care. I think I'll stay home all Monday too, and hide under the covers, whether it's raining or not.


Sometimes It's Good said...

This year will not be jinxed. You will have wonderful memorial day. Kick back, listen to the rain and all will be well! Snuggle under the covers and watch a good movie.
Love and blessings to you, Susan

Kim Campbell said...

Here's to a peaceful and uneventful Memorial Day week end.

Rowan said...

Glad that you've got your much needed rain, staying in bed with books, magazines, the TV and a couple of dogs sounds like a pretty good way to spend a rainy Saturday. Enjoy it:)

gma said...

Oh we love our rain here in Az. We are getting some this weekend too. Which is fabulous we also need it!!! Kicked back here at home too
reading Water for Elephants.

Lila Rostenberg said...

I too slept in a bit with a thunderstorm this Saturday morning!
Our plans are simply to do some more yard work or orgainzing around here. I was off "galavanting" for the last 3 days anyway!

Leanne said...

we have heavy rain here today too Julie, Glad you finally have the much needed rain, we all take water so much for granted- until we dont have it!

leanne x

Casey said...

I actually like it when it rains. It gives me a chance to catch up on inside stuff and just relax with a good book. If it thunders, Shanon, my big black lab, turns into a chihuahua!

Joyce said...

Oh no....we aren't having any Memorial Day goofiness this year in your all's lives. Enough of that stuff.
I say stay home and REST and have some fun....make some new and GOOOOD memories. :~)
I want the crazy rain to take out of here...the humidity was soooo bad this week with yesterday being the worst of it. The pressure was unreal. It was killing me.
Today is much better..thankfully.

I don't know what we are doing yet...maybe go to one Memorial thing on Monday at the U.S.S. Kidd downtown on the Mississippi then come home and BBQ maybe.....we have to paint the hallway today. Blah!
Hang in there!

Annie Jeffries said...

Trouble comes in threes and you have had your THREE. This year you got rain. What a blessing. And what can be nicer that dogs snuggling at your feet keeping the totsies all snug and warm?

An Gàidheal Pàganach said...

I had never heard of John Munro, but the painting you have uploaded there has sparked my interest. So, one good thing for Memorial Day at least, right? You have inspired another human being to appreciate more art.