Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I've selected the name of the person who gets to read about a moongazy girl and the other folk at Stonewylde. The winner of the drawing to receive "Magus of Stonewylde" by Kit Berry is Tea, of "Tea and Margaritas in my Garden" in Ontario, Canada. Congratulations, Tea! Please send me your real name and address so I can get that book out to you right away. I know how long parcels take to get to Canada!!


Lila Rostenberg said...

Congratulations to Tea!

smilnsigh said...

Congratulations to Tea!

And now I'm going to get my own copy. :-) My silly library system doesn't have this book. But my book store does. So I waited till the finish of this drawing. And since I didn't win, I'll get it today.

It would be just my luck to have gotten it, and then find I'd won. -giggles- So, I did it this way. Either way, I want to read these books!!!! I almost feel like I need to read them! :-)


smilnsigh said...

-Tee, hee, hee- I see we are among those who were highly pissed off about that *Ding-Bat* givin' PEA grief. Ahhh yes. I am finding out that she is a 'busy bee' at this stuff she does. Yish.

But Hon, you and I? Nope! Not us. She'd be afraid to come around with her vitrol, at us. We are too strong. We'd blow her away, with our .... heh, heh, heh... She not that brave. She seems to only pick on the sweeeeeet ones. Oh yes, the sweeeet ones and they who have zillions of comments! Yeppers, we don't fit the zillions-of-commenters, which she seems to be jealous of. LOL! So that's another reason she'll not attack.

Oh but she has zapped me, but not in such an attack mode. She sent me an email once, complaining about a comment I had made in her blog. I had commented on something, which was off topic for that entry of hers. LOL!!!!!!!! So I wrote back and told her, I would never do that again. AND I DROPPED HER SILLY BLOG LIKE A HOT POTATO. Tee, hee, hee...

And see, if she had the guts to pick on me, she's be having some sort of a canniption-fit over my pushing books about {gasp} Vampires! Nope, she's too chicken.

'When Twilight Embraces'

Kim Campbell said...

YAY! for Tea!

I love this picture too!

Tea said...

Oh my gosh Julie!!! I can`t believe I`m getting to read this book!!! Thank you so much!!!!
I hadn`t checked who won before because the only time I was on my computer in the last several days, was to throw up something on my blog.
I`m so excited!!! I`ll send you my address in e-mail :)

Thanks again so much!!


Anonymous said...

I really hope you enjoy the book, Tea! And anyone else who visits this lovely blog and comes across my books. I love getting feedback from readers, and if anyone becomes totally "stonewylded" there's a Stonewylde forum you can join too. Happy reading, Tea!