Saturday, September 29, 2007


Today is Michaelmas, or St. Michaelmas Day. This holiday isn't celebrated in the United States to my knowledge, but it is observed in England.

We do, however, have Michaelmas Daisies in the U.S. These late-blooming purple flowers are a welcome addition to the fall garden. They get their name because they are usually blooming profusely on Michaelmas Day.

Since I don't celebrate the holiday, I'm going to let an Englishwoman take over. Please check out Leanne's wonderful post today at "Somerset Seasons". To see history, lore, quotations and poetry surrounding Michaelmas Day, just click here:


Leanne said...

aw, thanks for paying me that compliment Julie, and putting the link in. Glad you enjoyed my Michaelmas Post!

Leanne x

Lila Rostenberg said...

Thank-you for reminding me! I read some about Michaelmas in the first Sarah ban Breathnach book...("simple abundance"?) I like the legend of the archangel fighting the devil and expelling him fromheaven...he landed in the bramble (thorn) blackberry jam on scones is tradtional for I'll go read leanne's post!

Miss Robyn said...

we don't celebrate it here either - I guess ours would be sometime in March or April, when the Michaelmas daisies bloom!

Tea said...

Hi Julie :)

Those daisies sure a pretty. I`m popping over to the link also to have a peek.


Janet said...

Being that I had an English grandfather and I love anything purple this is one holiday I should know about! I'm on my way to visit Leanne's blog.

nonizamboni said...

My favorite part of autumn. Thanks for sharing!