Monday, September 3, 2007


(I collect holiday postcards but don't have a Labor Day card. They are as scarce as hens' teeth and just as valuable, so this one I found on the 'net will have to do.)

Happy Labor Day, especially to those people who do not have the day off - service and retail industry people, medical, fire and law enforcement personnel, my own husband and all the others who work hard while we play.
I want to especially thank you because I will be availing myself of your services today. (Not the medical, fire, or law enforcement people, I hope!)
Every Labor Day weekend for years and years, Dan and I and Kristen spent the holiday in the Twin Cities, going to Twins' games, visiting the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and traveling the short distance to Stillwater, the coolest little Midwest town ever.
Now, that Dan has to work weekends (and today), that trip is out. I was going to make Saturday a little fun day out for me here in Bismarck, but as I had a bad tummy that day I thought I had better stick close to home!
So today is going to be my day to have some Chinese buffet, go to "Becoming Jane" and go shopping for a new pillow for Dan and for new comfy, soft-soled flats for me. So thanks in advance to all the people who have forfeited their holiday to help me enjoy mine.
Happy Labor Day, everyone!
P. S. Added Later: Please visit Pea at to read about the real reason we should celebrate Labor Day - or as she and fellow Canadians spell it - Labour Day. Thanks, Pea!


Carole Burant said...

Happy Labour Day to you too dear Julie Marie:-) Everything is closed here today except for a few corner stores so no shopping to keep me happy today! lol I'm just having a nice relaxing day visiting my favourite people:-) Thank you for the link to my blog, much appreciated!! xoxo

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

How it was "becoming Jane" ?
I would love to see it.