Sunday, June 17, 2007


I wrote yesterday that I would write a tribute to Daisy, but instead I am copying this from Lisa at Lisaoceandreamer (link at right). I could never write a better tribute than this to our friend Daisy.
(Lisa, that is exactly the kind of picture Daisy would have chosen.)

Daisy always wore moonstones, she taught us about the phases of the moon and the affects of the moon and cycles of the moon. She talked of sleeping with the moon light on her pillow. She would lay her moonstones on the window sill to absorb the moon light. I own moonstones now because of her. For me, she now dwells in the moonlight. She is the blooming garden, she is the mighty oak, she is the Rowan tree, she is quiet village life and fairies that dance among the blooms. She is the reading of a good book on a wooden chair in the sun of summer. She is fairy lights and incense and the Green Man upon her sitting room wall. She is a days ride on the local bus wearing her magic hat. She is shawls on a cool day and dangling earrings every day. She is the loyal friend, the wise goddess, the healing teacher. She is a glass of wine with candlelight. She is fairy podlings and spirit dolls. She is her childhood imagination and Sunday tea. She is the train through the countryside and the waves of Cornwall. She is the hippie heart. She is music playing. She is the songs Ladies of the Canyon and Suzanne. She is the finch and the shy crows and the blackbirds and thrushes she sees from her garden chair. She is the color purple and bare feet. She is the smell of jasmine and roses and Vanilla. She is Sunday rest. She is history retold. She is the willow tree. She is springtime and Saturday market. She is faery steps that lead upward. She is the Lunar months of the Celtic calendar. She is the cool breeze on the first Spring morning. She is so much more....and she will remain within all our hearts and when we see these things, feel these things, touch these things, read a certain book, hear a song, watch the night sky or a bee landing upon a will be her. Daisy will live on through those she touched and will forever be in the moonlight and dancing with her cat in the kitchen and out with the flora in her garden.

We used to talk about wishing we were Ladies of the Canyon from the Joni Mitchell song or how each of us loved the Leonard Cohen song Suzanne. I will hear these beloved songs differently now, my heart will swell and I will remember my friend, the friend I never met but who touched my life profoundly.

This is her chair in the garden – she took this last summer.

Just so there is no confusion, the following was written by Lisa as well:

Remember to tell those you love and care about how you feel. Remember to let others know they matter, they enhance your life, they make you smile, they brighten your days. Carry their hearts in your heart. This community, this internet blogging community is real and it's amazing and it's life changing and it brings people together in unimaginable ways. It changes lives. Between words and deeds and sharing and our lives and our hopes, dreams and sorrows we connect on a level so extraordinary. Don't take it for granted. Honor the crossing of paths.I carry your hearts, I carry them in my heart.........each and every day - you all matter!


Lila Rostenberg said...

Wonderful collection of things we loved about Daisy!
Her garden and her life were lush and green!

gma said...

Have recently seen your comments on Daisy's blog....I know you were kindred as well. Sending love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Lovely sentiments.

Patty said...