Sunday, June 24, 2007


I think one of the reasons I love fairies so much is that I love flowers so much. How lovely it would be to have a hat made of petals and carry stalks of flowers larger than myself!

In celebration of the day, Vicki at Victoria Station has put together a wonderful collection of fairy pictures, poems AND a video on her blog. Just clink on the link under my "Kindred Spirits" sidebar. Please, please check it out.

In one of the poems on Vicki's post, it says that a fairy's breath is the wind. While I was at the mall yesterday I bought a sympathy card for Daisy's family. As we were returning to the car a gust of wind grabbed the little bag out of my hand and the bag, the card and the envelope went flying away in three different directions. Each would travel a while, land on the ground, and then just as I was about to pick one up, it would lift up again and go sailing again. It took me a long time to finally gather all three pieces up. I traveled a long way across that parking lot. So far that my sister drove her car over to meet me where I finally ended up. I think it was a sign from Daisy: "You don't need this card; my family doesn't need this card. I am here. Today I am in the wind, teasing you a bit. Tomorrow I may be in the rain. I am in the stars and in the moon, I am in the flowers and the trees."

In another of the poems Vicki posted, I saw the word thistledown. Isn't that a beautiful word? In my post on Thursday regarding our Fairy Day celebration, I mentioned that I had given my friends little gossamer bags. In a comment under this post, Rowan from Circle of the Year said that gossamer is a perfect word to associate with fairies. I agree, and I think thistledown is another. I once saw a list of the ten most beautiful sounding words in the English language, and both words were on the list.

I have a collection of the Faerie Glen fairies because I think they are the prettiest of all. They also have the prettiest names: Fernwhisper, Willowshimmer, Seamurmur, Shadowmyst, Dewdance. So evocative!


Lila Rostenberg said...

I'm enjoying the "fairy art" you are posting!
I love the word "thistledown" too! In fact, I had a business in the 1980's making pretty dresses, similar to Laura Ashley dresses. It was called "Thistledown" and had a Scottish thistle on the lable! (Maybe we can post the 10 most beautiful words list...)
I'm off to Victoria Station!

Anonymous said...

Your story about the sympathy card brought to mind a quote I found yesterday:

Perhaps they are not stars,
But rather openings in Heaven,
Where the love of our lost ones
Pours through and shines down upon us
to let us know they are happy
~Eskimo Legend


Anonymous said...

Could you tell me who painted this picture originally or the name please. Desperate to know. Thanks

Julie said...

It is "Signs of Spring" by Walter Crane

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am a girl from sweden who find your blog. It's so beautiful. I too love myths, both norse and celtics ones.