Thursday, April 12, 2007


My friend Jude (a non-blogging friend from Bismarck), sent me an email this morning, accompanied by the lovely picture above.
Jules - My thought for today.
"There is no such thing as "friendly fire."
Your duty is to take care of yourself,
so do what you have to do."
This is the reason Jude is one of my Anam Caras - a true soul friend. With true friends like her, it doesn't matter who your enemies are, because your soul friends will help you defeat them, even if only in your own mind. Thank you, Jude, for sending me a thought you instinctively knew that I needed today. And in turn, I want to send it out to others who need take care of themselves and do what they have to do.
(By the way, her real name is Judy, which she doesn't like but I do (though I get called Judy a lot), and she has taken to calling me Jules. And I think she should blog, as she is a marvelous storyteller. So far though, she won't take my advice!)

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