Saturday, April 14, 2007


I can't believe I am starting a second post today with "I can't believe." But I truly can't believe that when I was naming people for the "Thinking Blogger Award," I forgot about Jason Mraz. Maybe it's because I haven't visited his site lately. Maybe because I've been caught up in the wonderful world of lady bloggers.
If you're thinking you don't know Jason Mraz from Adam, you are wrong. He's a pop/rock star who usually wears a goofy grin and a red cap turned sideways. If you are an American and have a radio, you have heard the song "The Remedy" (better known as "I Won't Worry My Life Away"), his hit from a couple of years ago.
You only have to listen to the lyrics of "The Remedy" or "Word Play" to know that Mraz is a master of word play. As with his songs, his blog radiates with intelligence, insight and beautiful writing. I'll never forget the words he wrote upon the death of Hunter S. Thompson. (Unfortunately for anyone who wanted to read them, Mraz' blog (or more properly Journal) no longer goes that far back.)
He is a student of chakra meditation, salsa dancing, Sanskrit, Scrabble (of course) and surfing. He actually researches topics before posting about them. Occasionally he is a little scatological and/or silly ("How much Coke can you drink before your pee turns brown?" he posits in one blog.) By the way, his named is pronounced mih-RAZ, not Mr. Az or Mr. A-Z (although he has fun with this). He is funny and serious in turns, but always thought provoking.

Please check him out at

And please check out his video for "The Remedy." You gotta love a guy who wears bunny slippers and drives a car full of chickens.

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