Monday, April 9, 2007


After seeing my post about the Legend of the Dogwood, Lila from "Indigo Pears"
( sent me this:

One day long ago, a little bird in Jerusalem saw a large crowd gathered around a man carrying a heavy wooden cross. On the man's head was a crown made from a thorn branch. The thorns were long and sharp. The little bird saw that the thorns were hurting the man. It wanted to help him, so it flew down and took the longest, sharpest thorn in its tiny beak.
The bird tugged and pulled until the thorn snapped from the branch. Then a strange thing happened. A drop of blood fell onto the bird's breast, staining it bright red.
The stain never went away, and so today the robin proudly wears a red breast, because it helped a man named Jesus.

I isn't it strange how once you notice something, you notice it everywhere? I didn't know about the Anasazi Indian tribe until I was an adult, but once I learned about them I saw the word everywhere. It's been the same for me this year with the dogwood. First there was "The Legend of the Dogwood". Then I found a perfect dogwood blossom to go with my Anais Nin poem. Then came "The Legend of the First Robin."
Job hunting, which I've been doing for a week, is hard. You have write resumes and cover letters, drive here and there, humble yourself and beg for work, and put your best foot forward, all the time. It is exhausting. So to reward myself, I have decided to purchase myself a small present, no more than $5.00, for every week I am out of work. It may be a used book from, or a lunch at a fast food place, or something like the nest pictured below. I didn't notice until yesterday that it has - lo and behold, dogwood blooms! (They look a bit smashed from being placed face down on the scanner.) So for the last time this season, here are some dogwoods!

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