Friday, July 4, 2008



Happy Independence Day, everyone! If you were reading my blog last October, you know how much I love vintage holiday postcards. Fourth of July postcards are more expensive than some other holiday cards, like Easter or Thanksgiving cards. I personally own only the card shown directly below. In searching the Internet for Fourth of July postcards, I found a preponderance of cards featuring children and fireworks! It's also interesting to see how many girls are pictured. When I was a kid, firecrackers were pretty much a boy thing.

I have to laugh that all these kids are playing with (or walking through) fireworks, totally unsupervised. And some of those firecrackers are ginormous! The little boy in the sailor suit has a real arsenal!

My own experience with fireworks wasn't so pleasant. When I was about four, my mom and aunt took me to the fireworks display at the Divide County Fair. All I remember from that evening is huddling beside a car, trying to escape from the horrid noise. The noise still bothers me but I can force myself to sit still at public fireworks shows and not make a spectacle of myself.

My brothers saved their allowance for a year to buy firecrackers. They set a bunch off during the Fourth, to be sure, but they kept a bunch more in reserve to use the rest of the year. And of course, my mom was frantic with worry that they would shoot out an eye or lose a hand. As for me, I was content to have a box of sparklers. I loved to write my name with the sparkler wand and see it hang in the air for a few seconds.

Here in Bismarck, the Fourth is celebrated with a symphony performance (with rousing patriotic tunes) and a fireworks display on the Capitol grounds. We've gone a number of times and it is a fun evening. Across the river in Mandan, they do the Fourth up big, with a huge parade, a rodeo, fireworks, and Art in the Park. My sister and I are going to Art in the Park this afternoon, for all the delicious food as well as the crafts. Dan and I may go to the Capitol this evening, or, since we are so close, we may just sit on our deck and enjoy the music and the fireworks from a SAFE distance. Have a great one, everyone!~










Sometimes It's Good said...

Love the postcards! Happy 4th of July!

Leanne said...

Obviously something we dont celebrate over here in the UK, but i am sending happy wishes to yuo Julie! dont forget i am having a giveaway tomorroew!


leanne x

AutumnZ said...

I have a book that you would just adore. here is a link to it:

LW said...

A very Happy 4th of July to you!!!

Love all the postcards...


Anonymous said...

Happy Fourth of july Julie! I loved the cards. I really like anything vintage.

Bimbimbie said...

Happy 4th of July, Julie *!*

The postcards are wonderful

Sandy said...

Happy Independence Day, Julie! I love vintage post cards (and graphics)!!

Carole Burant said...

Happy 4th of July to you and yours, dear Julie! I do hope you had a fabulous day filled with celebrations. Love all the vintage postcards:-) I remember those little brothers were forever throwing them at me to scare me. They are illegal here in Ontario now....those little ones. My favourites have always been the sparklers. On July 1st, our Canada Day, I was on my deck all alone with my sparklers writing my name! lol xoxo

Mary said...

Sharing these fabulous vintage cards was great Julie - hope your Fourth was a fun time. Our fireworks at the fairgrounds were postponed due to a thunderstorm - such a shame for the thousands of kids and their parents already on their blankets and waiting for darkness to fall. Tonite perhaps....but more storms expected. I watched the ones in DC - on HD they were fabulous!
Happy weekend dear.

GreenishLady said...

Hope you enjoy your weekend, Julie. I was in Los Angeles last night, chasing through my friend's neighbourhood, hunting fireworks wherever we heard them, and finally we found them! Great fun!

Sandy said...

Hi, Julie! I have left a little something for you over at my spot. Please come and see!

gma said...

Hope you enjoyed the 4th! Sparklers are my fav's too. Lee got some bottle rockets and set them off out in the street to entertain the grandsons. :-)

Shopgirl said...

The postcards are wonderful, we celebrated from our front porch!
Big Hug, Mary
Hope your 4th was special in every way.

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

my 4th of July was lovely, i grew up in a country that any excuse is a good excuse for a party and fireworks so i do enjoy them very much on any holiday specially.

Laurie said...

I only enjoy fireworks from a distance too...we usually go down to the beach and watch from there. Its very pretty over the water.