Sunday, March 2, 2008


The delightful images in this post come from a children's book called "Spring is Here", copyright 1948. I picked it up yesterday at a re-sale shop. It is in almost perfect shape and has dozens and dozens of illustrations of apple blossoms, pussy willows, robins, lambs and other spring-related things to get me through the rest of the winter.

March came in like a lamb yesterday, with temperatures in the 50s F. and southerly winds. Today is a bit more lionish, with the winds having picked up quite a bit of speed overnight. They are tossing the tree branches around as I write, and they would certainly blow the little girl's umbrella inside out!

I have never been happier to say goodbye to a month as I was when I put February behind me. It was the worst month I can ever recall as far as bad things happening to me. The unfortunate events began on February 1 with my car accident and ended with my car dying a few days ago, of a malady that had nothing to do with the accident.

They say it's an ill wind that blows no good, so I hope today's winds bring me some luck in March. But I will certainly watch out for the Ides of March.

At least it's not the first weekend of March 1966, when a now infamous North Dakota blizzard brought 50 inches of snow and 100 mile per hour winds to all but a small corner of the state. I happened to live in that northwest corner so don't remember it like my husband and thousands of other people do.

All of us in North Dakota are hoping for a scenario like the picture below. It is very, very dry here and we could use some moisture. However, we are all willing to wait until mid-April or later when the precipitation will more likely be rain than snow.


My new book blog, "Julie's Bookshelf" is now open. You'll find the link at the top right side of this blog. There's only one entry so far. I thought if I opened it now, I will be motivated to read more books and add more posts.

I am also going to be opening my poetry and art blog, "Just Julie," in a few days. It, too, will have only a few entries in the beginning. As with the book blog, I'm hoping it will motivate me to create more artwork and write more poetry.


Janet said...

Fifty inches of snow!!! That's a lot of snow! I guess we can all be thankful that hasn't happened recently.

The pictures from the book you got remind me of the old Dick and Jane books. I still have mine from grade school!

Wow! You are ambitious starting two more new blogs! I'll go check out the one about books.

Tea said...

Hi Julie :)

Love your new banner. March came in like a lion here I`m afraid and snow all week they say. We`ve had 70 something inches in February and have broken the records. Sure hope Spring and Summer make up for all this.


Patricia said...

March came in like a lamb in your part of the world, eh? And you need some moisture. Well, ROARED in up here! Yet another storm blew through bringing more snow, slush and rain. Hubby figures we've had about 10 feet of snow this winter and everyone is so sick and tired of it! At least I'm not alone in my winter blues misery...oh please, let spring come!!

gma said...

Good morning Julie,
So glad your weather is improving. Here is wishing you a beautiful Spring!!!You deserve it!
I was so excited to hear about your new blogs...going over there right now!
Have a great day!

Miss Robyn said...

that book Spring is Here, must be your favourite book right now!
I am lucky if I see one inch of snow! it must be cold! Now I know why you chuckly at me when I say 'cold' xoxo

Sheila said...

Although it's mild here today, we still have snow on the ground. Last night the wind blew fiercely and it rained. Real March weather, but now we are to get more snow tomorrow.
I love the old illustrations, they remind me of books I had as a child. We never felt the cold then or worried about the rain. Happy Days.

Kelli said...

What a lovely new book, Julie! March has arrived like a lion here in Dallas. It's getting down to 29 tonight with a chance of snow even! I'm so glad your February is over, now on to a much lovelier month!

Lila Rostenberg said...

Wonderful illustrations! I love the bright clear pastel colors!
Our weekend was so balmy too, and now we are to have snow before bedtime!
I love all weather, as long as it's not too much of any one thing!
Maybe I can curl up and read tomorrow (hard to do with my "cut and paste addiction! I keep working on those art journal pages!).

Mary said...

Great find that sweet book - it's almost as old as me and in better shape by the sound of it!!!

Read your new book blog and really enjoyed the review. I'm thinking of going to the movie, especially for the costumes and British scenery of course.

Hope you are doing OK and that March will be a much better month for you dear Julie. I know you will enjoy some peaceful creative moments when you start your art and poetry blog - looking forward to it.

Joyce said...

March came in like a "Lamb" here but it's pretty "Lionish" right now...we had violent storms yesterday and went from 81 degrees yesterday to a chilly 45 degrees right now at 10:20am...BRRRRRR!
I can't imagine living where you do. I lived in Iowa all my growing up years and those winter months sure got LOOOONG! Whew!
Hang in there.....