Wednesday, March 5, 2008


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"Just Julie", my art and poetry blog is now open. If you wish, please check it out at

I'm not an artist, but I have an overwhelming need and desire to cut, paste and color. I thought that by opening a blog, I would be inspired to create even more pieces, as I am in a real slump right now. (Apologies to those of you who have seen these pieces before. I hope to add more soon, especially as I have started my first-ever altered book.)
There isn't any poetry on the blog yet, though I have some to ready to add. I'm actually more intimidated to show my poetry. This doesn't make sense, because I am a writer, not an artist. (In my mind, an artist is someone who can draw.) But perhaps that's precisely why I'm not afraid to show my "art". I have only one direction to go with it, and that's upward.
Critiques (constructive criticism only) welcome!


LW said...

Wow Julie you have been very busy with the opening of all your new blogs…
I am going over to take a peek this morning.


Carole Burant said...

Hello dear Julie,

Gosh, I hadn't realized I had missed so many of your posts!! Wish I could visit everyone every day but time doesn't allow unfortunately. Just know that I will always come visit:-)

Oh Julie, I so loved looking at your new blog where you show your art...I love everything you've made, you truly are very creative! I would like to try my hand at altered of these days I'll make the time for it!

Like you, I am on medication for depression/anxiety and although it's working wonders for me, at times I still feel yucky...all the symptoms you described are some I feel. It certainly would be interesting to know if our moods really have something to do with the moon phases!! You take good care of yourself my friend. xoxo

gma said...

Julie...Sorry...I've been away from cyber space for a couple of days. Missed seeing this...Your work is good. I'm so happy we are doing the Altered Book together. Looking so forward to sharing with all of you!
Gonna go check out your art/poetry blog now.
PS Doing art is very healing for helps me!!!

Miss Robyn said...

I think you are an artist.. my idea of an artist is someone who creates and it seems to me.. that is exactly what you are doing. I am an artist.. I create gardens, a peaceful home, collage pages in my journal.. sometimes I create havoc :).. but always an artist!

J C said...

I went over to your art and poetry blog. Really nice work! Don't you dare rip any of those up to start over. Your first inspiration is your best and I like them all!

I also scrolled some (because I don't get to visit blogs on a daily basis) and read about Mike Smith. I didn't know about it. Sad to hear...The Dave Clark Five was one of my favs...I actually saw them on Ed Sullivan..well, that tells how ancient I am! LOL I appreciated this honorable post and I know he, and his family, would also.

Ok, tell you what there is to love about vultures? LOL at your blog comment. Well, for starters, besides their excellent eyesight (like a falcon, they can zero in from way, way high), they keep our roadways clean. They are Mother Nature's garbage disposals. Think how smelly our roadsides would be if the Vultures didn't crave roadkill! Yum! Ick!! They are an amazing piece of nature's work.

I love coming here to visit, Mz. Julie. I always learn something and find delicious eye candy. Oh yeah, before I forget, did you ever find out who the artist was on that snowy lady painting? OK, I've blah, blah enough. Bye!

Naturegirl said...

Celtic woman artistic creations takes on many forms and for me it is through my photography..imagination is my way of going back to my childhood hence my creating a secret garden..filled with fairies and all the magic of my childhood..a place that "Daisy" so enjoyed viewing BTW.

Interesting what you say about posting your own poetry because a dear friend of mine writes poetry but will not allow anyone to read it!!

Love your art expression!

I am so enjoying my time here in Arizona much to explore!!
YES I shall take you along with my photos..hugs aNNa xo

Anonymous said...

Dear Julie.

Congratulations with your new art blog. I have been over and enjoyed your art pages.

Like you I don't call myself an artist, though I love to play, with words, images and colours. That's what counts, isn't it?

Mary said...

Julie - YOU are an artisit - your work is gorgeous, I'm so impressed. I love playing with paper and hope to get some projects underway this coming week.

Tagged you for the 'six word memoir' - hope you'll join and write something fabulous, as always!
Go laugh at me in the 1960's!!!!

Hugs - Mary.

Laurie said...

I just came from your art blog and all I can say is "Wow!" You are indeed an artist, not everyone is so blessed, you have a gift.
Hope you have a good Monday.

GreenishLady said...

I think I can understand some of the hesitation to put your poetry up. As a writer, you're probably more invested in the poetry, and feel more vulnerable and exposed in sharing it. I'm delighted to have seen some of your art, and look forward to when you feel ready to share the poems!

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

I clicked the picture and OMG!!! you are great!!!
Thank you for sharing!
this is good!!!