Sunday, November 25, 2007


By Jamie Evrard
(A random painting to go with a random post,
chosen just because I like it so much!)


Kate over at "Meanderings" challenged me to do a meme on seven random things about myself, so here goes:

1. I am a really good parallel parker. Why do people think that women can't parallel park?

2. I went to a one-room country school my first six years. I think I received a good education there.

3. I always used to hate pumping my own gas. Dan thought going to full serve was an awful waste of money but I considered it a cheap luxury. When gas prices skyrocketed a few years back, I started pumping my own gas. Funny how I don't mind it anymore.

4. When I was a sophomore in college I won a scholarship to attend summer language school in France. Another UND student and I went to the Summer University of Bordeaux-Toulouse in Pau, a beautiful city in southern France. We loved Pau but hated the school. We skipped all the afternoon sessions and went roaming about the city.

5. I hate wearing sweatshirts. I think they make me look extremely dumpy and frowzy.

6. I played with dolls (fashion dolls) until I was 13 when I was shamed into stopping. I had the most beautiful doll, much more beautiful than Barbie. My mom threw her and all her clothes away.

7. When I was little I couldn't sleep with the lights off. Then for decades I couldn't sleep with the lights on. Now I can sleep either way.

I'm not going to challenge anyone else to this meme, but if you feel like doing it, let me know when you've done it. I'm curious, just never know how much people like memes.


As long as I am thinking random thoughts today, here are some more:

I have absolutely no interest in Christmas this year. My fall decorating items are still up. Also, when I was at the antique mall yesterday, I had no desire whatsoever in purchasing the Gurley Christmas candles, vintage 1950s ornaments and "Christmas Rose" china I used to collect. Funny how our tastes change. In fact, nothing interested me. Maybe I was just in a blah mood.

Destroyed today: One baby (now dog) gate, while Dan was out and I was napping in the bedroom. The reason Gracie was confined to the kitchen? So she wouldn't try to get in the bedroom and bug me. Now Dan is pondering whether they make steel dog gates, and I ponder Gracie's future at our house.

I hate having carpal tunnel syndrome. It has become obvious that therapy is only a temporary measure. Every other malady/injury I've ever had has gone away or been fixed or been cured. My irritable bowel syndrome just went away, my depression is medicated away. My fractured elbow came back 100% and my severely bruised kneecap is almost normal. Even my acute arthritis attacks go away. I expected CTS to go away as well, and it hasn't. I know I could have something much worse. When I was at therapy on Friday, I watched another woman painfully try to screw nuts onto bolts and unclip clothespins. "Last year at this time I could still write," she told the therapist. Not be able to write? What would I do?

After I left therapy on Friday I ran up to Lowe's to look at light fixtures for my bathroom. As I was driving there, I realized that the light snow and freezing winds had made the streets slippery. I crept to Lowe's and afterward crept home, lightly tapping the brakes to judge the slipperiness. On the news that evening I heard about the dozens of fender benders in the city. This happens every year! My question is, "Do people forget how to drive in winter?"
Do you dislike Sundays as much as I do? When I was a kid, I hated Sundays, even though I did well in school. And back then, the stores had to be closed so it seemed like the most boring day of the week. Did you know that North Dakota and Maine were the last two states in the nation to do away with Blue Laws (Sunday Closing Laws?) But still, even with stores open, there is a certain feeling to Sundays. Instead of "back to school tomorrow," it's "back to work tomorrow." After a rare four-day weekend for me, the feeling is much worse.


Anonymous said...

Julie Marie,

I have suffered with the Sunday blues for years! I know exactly how you feel. The only time I haven't suffered from this was during my three years of recent unemployment. During that time every day was just like the next and weekends were just another day.

I have also been through the "no interest in Christmas" thing but for me it has been going on for over five years! Every year I try to shake it and particularly this year because I want everything to be special for Martin.

Enjoyed your post today, as always.


Leanne said...

this is a really interesting post Julie- another true glimpse into 'you'

I too am suffering from no christmas excitemnt. i was talking to my sister yesterday, she feels the same,and we were saying how we could happily opt out completely this year!

Leanne x

Miss Robyn said...

oh dear sweet Julie, if I lived near.. I would come and massage your poor hands and arms... not to heal them but to make them feel better.

I played with dolls til I was 14... then had a real baby when I was 16.
Maybe you could move down here and then you would not have to worry about Christmas til June! We could sit out on my deck, eating fresh seafood and all those delish summer fruits... sipping the drink of our choice.. laughing and chatting and then.. you could come with me to the summer solstice celebration!
sending lots of love and healing energy xoxo

Anonymous said...

May be I can invite you over for some advent reflections while waiting for Christmas?

Laurie said...

Dear Julie,
My Autumn decorations are still up and will remain up until the first of December, then there will be really nothing for at least two weeks. We don't have much room here to decorate anyway.
I am sorry your carpal tunnel is giving you such pain, I was in therapy for two years for my dislocated elbow. Even after several surgeries I will never have full use of my arm.
I never liked Sundays!! Especially as a kid I dreaded going back to school on Monday. I don't think I mind it now as much as I did then, but it is still my least favorite day of the week.

Bimbimbie said...

Hi Julie, how wonderful to win a scholarship to spend some time in France, even if the school wasn't to your liking. Sundays as a child I didn't like, always felt like everyone was hibernating indoors. These days Sundays are more lively, even if I'm only listening to the radio or reading the weekend papers in the garden. Hope your Gracie behaves and gets to stay home with you. Christmas ... too upside down here in more ways then just the weather - but I will enjoy listening to my Christmas music next month *!*

Casey said...

I'm also a pretty good parallel parker and I think that's sad about your dolls. As far as Christmas goes, I've always liked the songs, decorations and Christmas cartoons, but I've always hated the fact that people feel obligated to give a gift. Why can't Christmas cards be enough? Also, I have a hard time, writing Xmas instead of Christmas. I wonder if it's all those years of catholic school?

gma said...

Hi Julie....It's only the men who think women can't parallel park...I've seen some of them drive around the block a few times to avoid it !!! They won't ask directions either ya 100 miles the wrong way before they'd admit they "didn't know the way"
Hee hee
Hope your day went well!

Janet said...

I'm having mixed feelings about the holidays. I have my tree up but there are still fall wreaths on the doors! I had the Bah, humbug syndrome last year so I'm trying to not go there again.

J C said...

Oh my gosh, Blue Laws! I remember them. I went into a drug store in Fayetteville, NC once to buy a map when I was traveling. It was Sunday. They were not allowed to sell it to me. They could only sell medicine Geesh!

Unknown said...

Hi Julie!

I enjoyed reading your random thoughts! I played with a Pee Wee doll until I was thirteen. There was nothing high fashion about her, but I loved making clothes and furniture for her.

I feel dumpy in sweatshirts, too. The women that look best in them seem to be lean and have long legs. I have a long torso and shorter limbs.

How wonderful to have been to France! I would love to go there, although I know times are changing.

Hugs, KJ

Naturegirl said...

Oh please don't ponder Gracies future!! Oh NO Julie don't even think it!!
I chuckled as I read #5.
I always pump my own gas!
I am impressed with your #1! Way to go girl!!
CTS...ouch!! I can feel the discomfort!!I do hope you get relief one day! :(
I was asked to do one of these memes..I am still thinking about it.. be happy hugging you.. aNNa
an email is on its way!

Tea said...

Sunday blues to me are that it`s the last day of the weekend and back to work next day. I also have carpel tunnel :( Not a fun thing to have.
Elvis is a garbage dog. He loves getting into it and emptying it all out on the floor. Still wanna trade? LOL


nonizamboni said...

Dear fellow No(a)ni,
Your latest post went straight to my heart. This lack of holiday excitement seems to get a little stronger every year for me. (BTW I collect Gurley candles too.) And Sundays, well, I still get that strange, melancholy feeling about 5 p.m. And I was shamed into stopping playing with dolls by an old aunt who made me buy a sewing kit instead with my birthday $ when I was 12. Bah humbug!
Thanks for remembering me at thanksgiving--you are a dear friend.
Mary Ann

Carole Burant said...

Hello dear Julie Marie:-)

I so enjoyed reading your answers to the meme...I haven't really tried to parallel park in years so not sure how I'd do! lol Wow, that is really terrific that you had the opportunity to attend school in probably got more education exploring the city:-)

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that you're feeling no Christmas anticipation this year...that's ok, I think I have enough for the both of us! lol I just love Christmas but I know not everyone feels the same way. I wish I live near you, I'd go give you a big hug and MAKE you decorate your house!! hehe

Take care of yourself dear friend and know that I'm thinking of you. xoxo

Lila Rostenberg said...

I do think more Advent is what we need. Of course, I'm so busy with the baby this year that Christmas will be a bit of a blur. Last year Christmas was fun as all the family came to our house...17 people...not too many... but it made decorating and getting ready much more festive.
Your time in France as a young person must have been wonderful!

Rowan said...

Interesting insights from your meme and beyond. I'm less feverish about the holiday season this year as it will be quieter than usual so doesn't require so much preparation. I'm still looking forward to decorating and all the special cooking though. I've always loved this time of the year and my children are all enthusiastic about it too which helps.

Sheila said...

It takes me a while to get into Christmas Julie, for so many years my husband had to work, and it was often just the children and me.

I disliked Sunday afternoons as a child. It meant school the next day, and we had a family day,and we were not allowed to go out with friends. In the winter my parents often napped in front of the TV. I would watch the clock, and despair of what I thought of as wasted time..!
Now I'm the one taking afternoon naps..!