Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I bring out this poster "Girls Night Out" by Will Moses every Halloween. I place it on an easel so it really stands out. I mail ordered the unframed poster and had it framed locally, in an orange metal frame!
Moses, the great-grandson of the famed painter Grandma Moses, follows her primitive style. His other fall and harvest scenes are among my favorites, but he also features the New England of yesteryear in all seasons. You can check out his other work and/or order this poster by googling Will Moses or Mt. Nebo Gallery.
I always think of my book club friends when I see this print. We consider ourselves to be witchy women because we often conjure up (unknowingly) some stunningly bad weather during our meetings - we've had micro bursts, extremely fierce thunder and lightning storms, flooding, you name it, we've created it. (It's all that mental activity that does it.)
This poster makes me smile because when I see it I think "these ladies are going to have a great time". Who wouldn't - meeting up with your friends on a crisp fall night, getting away from the men, the kids and the house for a while. They're going to do a little gossiping, a little drag racing on their brooms, practicing their spells and sampling some hot apple cider. Yeah, that's all that's in the cauldron - what did you think it was?
They've even invited their ghostly friends to take part. Of course, they wouldn't go anywhere without their familiars, their black cats, who are content to stand on the sidelines and watch the festivities. And, as usual, there are one or two ladies arriving late.
While we don't don black robes and hats, the ladies of my book club always have great fun on our girls nights out. I hope you have a fabulous girls night out this Halloween season!


Leanne said...

That's a great poster Julie! I hadnt heard of the artist, i'll have to keep my eye out for his work. :-)

leanne x

Lila Rostenberg said...

What a great idea! Wish we could all get together for a girls night out!
Love that poster!

Bimbimbie said...

Yes, love the poster too, will you be dunking apples on your girls night out *!*

Lena said...

This has always been a favorite print of mine too!
All of your Halloween posts have been fun to read Julie. Thank you for sharing them.