Tuesday, August 7, 2007


"Ophelia," by J. W. Waterhouse

I finally broke down and bought a couple of pictures for my new office. I say "broke down" because I have been too apprehensive to get anything until now. Some of you may know that when I started my new job in May, I got my own private office. (All six of us in the new branch have his/her own offices.) Each of us is supposed to decorate our own space - with no mention of anyone else footing the bill.

My new boss is extremely particular, and so is his wife. That means that new rugs for the hallway have arrived, been laid down, been found wanting and rolled up and shipped back. The local professional interior decorators have streamed in with their pictures and coffee tables and lamps, and have streamed back out again with their pictures and coffee tables and lamps. I think the final decisions have been made regarding the reception room and the conference room, and they meet my approval (as if my approval were needed!). The rug, pictures and other accessories turned out to have an earthy, autumn-y feel, which is something I am in the mood for.

But, getting back to our individual offices, a couple of us were afraid to bring in pictures because they might not be "suitable" or expensive enough. No dogs playing poker, no big-eyed children, no puppies and kitties, ha! And for me, no hateful inspirational posters, as I had them shoved down my throat at my previous job.

Tim, one of my co-workers, finally broke the ice (or rather he asked his wife for help). His office now has a beautiful tapestry featuring a medieval lady and unicorn, a Gothic candelabrum, a big fat earthen-colored pillar candle and a wooden knight on a horse. All in all it has an Olde World appeal, and I think it looks wonderful.

That gave me the courage to proceed. I've posted about the oriental accessories I've already added - a Buddha, a silk hydrangea in a "stone" container, a miniature fountain, a small picture with bamboo and oriental writing, and some candles on a black wooden tray (all but one from my favorite upscale store, "Tarzhay").

Yesterday, I found a horse that looks oriental to me. Thinking I had better stick with an oriental theme for my pictures, I went looking and found a very appropriate picture. It's a large square, and features nine subtle color blocks, with the picture of a narcissus in the center block. I think it's sophisticated and tasteful.

I looked for other pictures along the same line, but couldn't find anything I really loved, so instead I bought a copy of J. W. Waterhouse's "Ophelia". After all, the Pre-Raphaelites, of which Waterhouse was a member, revealed oriental influences in their work. Plus, I think the water lilies add an oriental touch.

It remains to be seen what my boss thinks of my good taste. (Just call me "Charlie the Tuna"). One of the reasons I bought "Ophelia" is that if she is banned from the office, she will find a good home at my house, in the company of this other J. W. Waterhouse lady, whom I call "Lady Smelling Flowers" because I can't think of the real name of the painting. And, I can always find a place for my oriental block print at home too.


Bimbimbie said...

That's a wise way of deciding Julie - either wall Ophelia gets to live on you get to enjoy the beauty of the painting Smiles *!*

Rowan said...

Hope your decorating decisions go down well with your boss and his wife. J W Waterhouse is an artist I really love, the Pre-Raphaelites produced wonderful work in many fields.

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

Your decorating sounds like it will be a lovely calming essence in your office. I have always been drawn to Pre-Raphaelite paintings.


smilnsigh said...

I love J. W. Waterhouse! He's grouped in with the Pre-Raphelite {spelling?} painters but... His models don't seem so melancholy.