Saturday, July 21, 2007


Our Harry Potter book came today and the mailman was smiling! We ordered our copy from and they made sure that the book arrived the same day it was available in the stores (albeit not at midnight!). The book warned Muggles not to ship or open the book before today!

At book club the other night my friend Kathy related that her daughter Delaney was reluctant to go to the midnight sale of H.P. at Barnes & Noble last night. Not our Delaney! She who has read all the books over and over, has tons of H.P. memorabilia, has camped out at the movie openings, has gone to H.P. camp??? The Tribune even printed a photo one year of Delaney and her dad, Bob, camping out at the theatre.

Well, it seems some friends of hers have been chiding Delaney, age 14, over her interest in the books. Apparently, she's "too old" for that sort of thing. What kind of friends are those, I ask you? Delaney didn't even go to the opening of the 5th H. P. film. But one night recently Kathy said, "Well, I'M going to the movie. Do you want to come along?" Delaney's reply: "Oh, I suppose." At book club Kathy related that once they were in their seats, Delaney broke down and said, "I'm so excited!"

"Good for her!" we practically shouted. (We get kind of excitable!) "Go home and tell her not to let friends influence her choices and kill the joy in something she really loves." Yes, we be fierce, we CRS women! So, to make a long story short, I hope Delaney was there at B&N last night.

Our daughter, Kristen, was the first in the family to read and love the Harry Potter books, then I read them all, then my husband did. He finished the sixth book a few months ago and has been impatiently waiting for the seventh book to arrive. I remember so well when Ginger, another of my book club friends, was in the hospital and a friend had given her the first book as a get-well gift. "Have you read this?" she asked me. "Oh, heaven's no," I said. "That's a kid's book." I have made many foolish statements in my lifetime (the last one Thursday evening and also related to book club, but I'll tell you that another time.) and this was one of them.

I told Dan that he could read H.P. first as I have a stack of books to read. So there he is out on the deck in 99 degree heat trying to read! I took one step outside with my book (Anne Rivers Siddons' "Sweetwater Creek") and retreated back indoors to the computer, which sits directly in front of the window A/C. Yeah!

Dan of course would never betray the ending to me, and if any TV, newspaper, blogger or friend reveals the ending to me I will - yes I will - rip their lips off!


E~li~si said...

My daughter and son have read all the books and my son had this newest one shipped to her for her birthday...she was tempted to read the ending the other day in a book store...I chided her of course as that is her favorite thing to do.
I've not read any of them.

Miss Robyn said...

I have nearly finished mine! I love it! His quest is very similar to mine, I can see similarities which is 'funny' that it came to me now....

Lena said...

I haven't picked up our family's book yet, but I will soon! Saturday my husband and I went to see the latest H.P. movie, and I liked it very much.
I enjoyed reading your post on Totems, and was touched by the prairie rose that your mother saved. It sort of reinforces my feeling that we are born who we are. That essential part of us never changes.