Saturday, July 28, 2007

CELT 366

I was first introduced to this book of meditations by Robyn. I thought would be another good tool for exploring my Celtic heritage. It can be read a page a day, to last throughout the year (even a leap year), or, as the author, Carl McCulman, says, you can "get wild and swallow up a week or even a month at one sitting."
The pages aren't given dates, just numbers, so you can start and stop anywhere you want. Of course, I was not able to stop at one page, and today I am at Page 30 already, having just gotten the book a few days ago. Page 30 is the final page of the Path of Nature chapter. I thought this paragraph is a very powerful one:
"Whether you are a Celt by ancestry or by the stirrings of your heart, if you embrace the Celtic tradition, you are part of it. Which means that the choices you make, the poems you write, the decisions you come to in your life to honor the natural world, are all part of the ongoing symphony of Celtic mysticism. Celtic spirituality is not a museum installation, it is a living path of insight and illumination. Consider how you can honor the goddess of the land and allow the grace of nature to flow into your life. Then you will become a living conduit of the Celtic way."
There are 40 different chapters, or paths, in the book. Other chapters include The Path of the Fairies, the Path of the Goddesses, the Path of the Druid, The Path of the Warrior, the Path of Dream.
The author also promises that n 366 days (or less!) I'll have "covered a nice slice of the Celtic terrain." However, he warns, I'll still be "an absolute beginner in the world of the Celts."
Lest any of you think I am loaded with money, I purchase a lot of the books I talk about at used books. I haven't been bitten yet, as all of my books have arrived in really great condition for as low as one penny plus shipping. I never go lower than "Very Good" condition but if you don't mind a truly used book you can save even more money. It's also a way to find books you might have read years ago and want to read again.


Miss Robyn said...

Julie - read the path on AnamChara...then you will know what I am talking about...once you read it.. please email me. I am a little desperate to 'chat' to someone about it.. xoxo
the book is wonderful! I read more than one page a day.. I read a whole path and each time I read it something really resonates deep in my soul xoxo

Tea said...

That calendar book looks really interesting ! And DANU the RIVER GODDESS is amazing.


couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

I do the same Julie, I don't mind getting an used book as long as it looks and smells ok. I mean no cigarette smells, LOL