Friday, May 18, 2007


Suzanne Tofte's "Kransekake Girl" Tile
There's nothing like a day out with one's sissy to revive one's spirits. As I mentioned yesterday, we celebrated Syttende Mai with a day on the town. The first stop was lunch, at a new steak house. A shared blooming onion, a prime rib sandwich and Wisconsin cheese soup left me barely able to waddle out the door. But we proceeded valiantly onward to the Norwegian store in the mall, where they had 17% off in honor of May 17.
I purchased the tile shown above, part of Suzanne Tofte's "Takk for Maten" (Thanks for the Food) series of tiles, which feature flaxen haired children in traditional dress, famous Norwegian dishes and borders of rosemaling. I discovered she has two new tiles in the collection, a Vafler (waffle) Girl and a Julekaka (Christmas bread) Children, making 10 in all. I am just beginning this collection and someday hope to feature them all in my kitchen, which becomes a Norwegian Jul (Christmas) kitchen in December. Glori found a little Nisse (Troll) Belly Mug by the same artist. (That's a little troll admiring the Kransekake above.)
Then we were off to purchase a birthday present and card for a housebound mutual friend whose birthday is Syttende Mai. This friend had gastric bypass surgery on Halloween Day. Complications from the surgery led to a 5 1/2-month hospital stay. Her kidneys and her lungs were damaged, and she still doesn't know when she will return to work. A visit with her quickly dispelled any traces of my pity party. Here I am, able to enjoy a beautiful spring day, walk through the mall, drive a car, go anywhere and do anything I want. I don't need dialysis,
breathing treatments, a dozen medications or wound care. It really puts things in perspective for me.
Then it was back to the mall, because my sister's 16-year-old daughter had just started her shift at the Prairie Peddler, a coffee and gift shop. Kelsey whipped us up a couple of Peach Mango Italian sodas. I can't drink coffee after noon, or I'd be awake all night. My sister could drink three cups of coffee at midnight and still fall fast asleep. I think she ordered the Italian soda just to be in step with me.
Our final stop of the day was in front of my computer, where I showed my sis all the information and photos our Scottish second cousin has gathered about the Munro Clan. So we began the day celebrating our Norwegian heritage and ended it celebrating our Scottish heritage.

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Annie Jeffries said...

So much to comment on - here goes -
all so interesting
pretty tile
cute troll

We have a sons of Norway chapter here.

So sorry about your friend. So glad my husband discouraged me from doing this.

You can lead a full life with a little extra junk in the trunk and there is always the ability to finally lose it (hard as that may be).

Oh you poor Miss Thang - I drink coffee 24/7 and enjoy every delicious drop. Okay, I'll get humble and stop bragging.

Three cheers for those Celts.