Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Famous "British Reading Fairy" statue

For a while now I have been gathering objects to decorate my Celtic Garden, an enchanted, magical and mystical place.  Hopefully, it will all come to fruition next spring, when I will finally be able to rototill and seed my back yard, and install some perennial flower beds. Celtic gardens would of course include fairies, and I have several fairy statues, including a replica of the famous British Reading Fairy.

While I was in Boulder, Co, in September, I found this delightful acorn elf at a garden shop. I had wanted some sort of Celtic elvish creature in the garden, but I did not want a leprechaun, and certainly not a gnome!! I thought this little guy was sweet without being "cutesy".

At the shop in Boulder I also found a Green Man plaque, or perhaps a Green Lady. I still can't figure out which, and I could not find a similar image on the Internet. However, I do know his/her smile is very enigmatic - perhaps even sly. This plaque will join several other Green Men and Green Ladies that I have collected over the years.

A little "Faun or Pan" shelf sitter
For a long, long time, this little faun boy sat on a small tree stump nestled into my old perennial bed. Now, his head and his feet have been broken off. Though repaired, he seems quite fragile. I may move him indoors and get another faun to hide amongst the flowers.

A "Moon Gazing Hare"

I have written a post about the moon gazing hares, famous Celtic symbols of fertility. But I had my little hare long, long before I started learning about Celtic lore and legend. I can't even remember I found him. I'd like to get another one or two moon gazing hares, but all shops that sell them online are in the UK. I know that the Celtic hare is not well known here, but you'd think I could find at least one American shop that carries them!

I ordered the garden flag below from Mickie Mueller's Etsy shop, because I love her fantasy art so much:

"Drawing Down the Moon"

"Celtic Cross"

And finally, who could have a Celtic-themed garden without a Celtic Cross, even though it is a Christian symbol and the ancient Celts were pagan.

I was still on the lookout for other possible Celtic statuary or decorations to use in my garden. It may seem like I already have a lot, but when spread out over my rather large backyard, they have a tendency to get "lost". Also, I hope to design my garden so that all of it is not seen at once, with winding paths ending at little "garden rooms" where one discovers hidden delights.

I was at a loss at what to look for next. I don't want any St. Brigid or other saint statues. Some of the Celtic goddess statues, like the Moon Goddess, look a little Wiccan for my taste. Angels are not part of Celtic legend, and besides, I had sold a number of angel statues at a rummage sale and wanted to start fresh with a new theme.

But then I wrote my previous post, about the unicorn as a symbol for Scotland. It was like a bell went off in my head. I went to the Internet to look for unicorn statues, and found several, but this is the one I fell in love with:

"Mystical Unicorn of Avalon" by Design Toscano

She is perfect! She is sculpted in the style of a traditional Medieval unicorn, which is also the heraldic unicorn of Scotland, and she comes from Avalon. I have long been entranced by medieval stories of King Arthur and of the Isle of Avalon. And right now she is making her way to my home where she will be the centerpiece of my new perennial garden.

Of course, one can never stop looking and wishing for other items to add to an enchanted garden. Especially, one cannot have too many fairies. This is one I'd like to add to my collection:


The Mists of Avalon gazing bowl, shown below, is on my Christmas wish list. Available from Midnight Moon, it will strengthen the Isle of Avalon connection in my garden. 


 And of course there are many other things to add to the list. I don't want any shamrocks or "May the road rise to meet you" plaques, but how about:

Stepping stones?

Decorative rocks?

A sundial or thermometer?

I can find these at anytime, but would someone please, please tell me where to find this Celtic Lady?

She is listed on the comparestoreprices.co.uk site, but is described as "no longer available". She is supposedly St. Cinnia, the princess of Ulster whom Saint Patrick converted to Christianity in the 5th century. I'd really like to know where to locate her.


Peeters Liliane said...

Nice sculptures that you have. I like the unicorn verry much!

Robin Larkspur said...

You have many beautiful things for your garden. Absolutely enchanting. May all your garden dreams come true.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh you have such pretty statues - and garden art. I love the fairies. And why no gnomes?

WOL said...

Do you know about Gaelsong? They're practically just next door to you. Check this out: http://www.gaelsong.com/product/145885/decor-celtic-statues

and this: http://www.gaelsong.com/product/146718/decor-celtic-statues

I got the moongazing hare and it's beautifully done.

Julie said...

Jo, Sorry, no gnomes. I think they are tacky, though funny.

WOL - Thanks so much for this link to gaelsong (although they are not practically next door!). I will order the hare when I have some money, and also consider Cernunnos.

WOL said...

I have also gotten the Maxine Miller statuettes of Danu and Ceredwen from Gaelsong, but these are strictly indoor, and totally gorgeously done. I've always been very satisfied with their merchandise and their customer service.

Kath said...

OMG you would love ths shops here in Glastonbury Julie, especially the one at the Chalice well gardens. I should "virtual shop " for you, wearing a head cam and walk around the shop. You could yell "Stop, pick that up!" and put it in your basket LOL
I have my eye on King Arthur and Guinevere statues for my garden.

Mary said...

Hi Julie, catching up as usual, never enough time!

I've been reading about your Colorado adventure and enjoying the pictures of the beautiful mountain scenery. - and you and Dan. What a great trip, and I love that you were able to get together with family for sightseeing, shopping and chatter.

The garden treasures are lovely - I know you'll have fun making it a special place as the months go by. Right now I'm very busy in my garden as the weather has turned and the days are now perfect to work outside. Summer was murder her - so terribly hot and dry - now the best show of the year seems to be playing and blooms are giving us their last hurrah! Encore!

Have a lovely Autumn dear - I'm off on a trip in a couple of weeks so have to grab each of these days while I can!

Love and hugs - Mary

Amy said...

Oh, I love your choices and wishes and I hope it will help to inspire me further in my small yard. I would love to see your garden next summer when we visit my mother-in-law in New Salem, ND!!!

Lila Rostenberg said...

Enchanting, enchanting!

Wish I could drop by once you have it "in progress" (because gardens are never finished!)

Rose H (UK) said...

My goodness Julie, what absolutely gorgeous statues and sculptures you have in your Celtic garden. I too have quite a (growing) collection of Green Men! I think that the Moon Gazing Hares are fabulous, and I'm quite surprised to read that they aren't available in the US. The Unicorn is wonderous, I have a soft spot for them as my daughter was enchanted by them from a small child and has still got a collection of them.
I must thank you sincerely for taking time to visit, leave a sweet comment and indeed welcome you as a follower to my blog :o) Bless Mary for putting a link on her site.
I'm amazed to see that you have four blogs! I sometimes struggle to post for one. I have still to visit your other blogs properly, but feel drawn to this one already.
Sending you my best wishes from over the pond.
Rose H

Anonymous said...

I just accidentally found your blog today, I am so happy I did. Love your thoughts and words. Thank you.

katskraps4kids said...

I ADORE all your enchanting and whimsical choices! I would love to have such a sweet place to sit and read or daydream. I sure hope you find your St. Cinnia...& I need Kath to shop like that for ME!!!

CarolSouth said...

I found your blog while searching for "celtic garden art". I also have Pan. His head is still on but he lost part of his legs. Now, I pretend that he looks like ancient art. He sits on a stone in my backyard. thehappycottagezone7.com. I really like your garden concept!

SandkeyAngel said...

Do you have a "Guinevere" garden statue? Have been trying to find for my friend's garden as she is an herbalist and has a daughter Guinevere which is the name of her products she sells. Dianefaulconer@hotmail

Julie said...

No, I don't have a Guinevere. I used to see one for sale, but when I looked for her today, I could not find any link. There was also a matching Arthur statue. They would have been cool to have, but I remember them as being quite expensive.