Thursday, March 4, 2010


Taken from Mary's "Across the Pond" blog 

"No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn."

- Hal Borland

"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant."

- Anne Bradstreet

Hal Borland and Anne Bradstreet, I'm hanging on to your every word. It's as if you're telling me, "Hang in there."

Regular readers of this blog will know that winter is difficult for me. This winter has been even more difficult. Remember that short-lived Steven Weber TV show (not "Wings"!), in which he was always shown walking around with a dark cloud over his head? That's me. For weeks now, we in central ND have been experiencing low clouds, frost and fog. Day after day after endless day.

We haven't had as much snow on the ground for this time of year since 1979. It hasn't been above freezing since sometime in January. The average temperature in February was 10 degrees below normal. If the weatherman tells us the temps will be in the 30s, they've been in the 20s. If they've told us they'll be in the 20s, they're in the teens. (My sis says that meterology is the only profession in which they get paid big bucks to be wrong.) The weathermen also tell us that the air sitting above us is warmer, it just can't get to the ground. All we need, they tell us, is to get that cold heavy Arctic air scoured out.

I like that phrase, "Scour Out". I wish I could take a big scouring pad and take it to the sky, to let some of that uplifting blue in.

Once again, forecasters are saying that temps will be "near freezing" this weekend. That's a phrase that bugs me. Temps of 30-31 F are not near freezing. They are freezing. Temperatures of 33-34 are near freezing. The forecasters should be saying "near melting" (and how much better that sounds). 

I haven't felt like blogging, except for my book blog, where I have been faithful to my New Year's Resolution to review every book I've read. And I've read a record number of books. I read 9 in January and 14 in February. This winter, books have been my solace, my friends, my occupation, my pastime, my salvation, my escape, my sanity.

Getting back to this blog: Although I have neglected it recently, I noticed the other day that I now have over 100 followers! I can hardly believe that that many people find what I say of interest. (Especially when I rant about SAD and the weather.) I seldom hear from any of you, but I thank you for being there, for validating me.

Having over 100 followers makes me feel responsible to provide a more interesting blog than it's been, and to be more prolific. The weather has been so uniformly dreary that I hardly noticed the calendar page turn. But it is March, and we are only about two weeks from the vernal equinox and less than two weeks to St. Patrick's Day. To that end, I am going to take up the theme I used last March, and write about "All Things Irish" (and Celtic).

I hope these posts are interesting and thought-provoking. But if they're of no interest to you, I'm repeating what I said last March: "See you in April!"


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

It's good to see you back and I love Mary's photo! ANd, you KNOW I love all thing I'll be seeing YOU!

Janet said...

I just wrote out a nice long comment and blogger ate it!! Basically I said to hang it there....spring is on the way!

Mary said...

I always love your posts Julie! Hope your SAD soon flies away on Spring breezes.........and I send virtual bouquets of pink tulips your way to cheer you up.

(I answered your e-mail).

Rowan said...

Spring will come eventually, it's finally arrived here this week and we've had blue skies and su shine though it's still very cold with hard frosts at night. It would be brilliant to read more of your posts on 'all things Irish' and Celtic too and some more of your lovely posts about fairies, elves and others of that ilk.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Hang on - spring IS coming. Hope it is soon for you. Looking forward to future posts.

gma said...

A little sunshine prayer for you:
Dear one please let sunshine on my friend Julie.

Autumn Leaves said...

So sorry that you are feeling the winter blues, Julie. I guess I always like the drawing in that winter brings, home, hearth, warmth. I am not overly fond of the salt rings that appear on everything through the winter, but the bad with the good, I suppose. I too love books and the winter is just the best time to escape into them. Well...not truly accurate for me; anytime is a great time to escape into them! Any chance you and your husband can move to warmer climes?

Linda said...

This truly has been a difficult winter, even here in southeast Texas. However, we've had sunshine for two days in a row, and I hope it's on its way to you. Just discovered your blog and will be a repeat visitor!

Leanne said...

yes, hang on in there julie, spring is coming!!

congratulation on your 100plus followers, its amazing how that creeps up, isnt it? I too have over a 100, but get very few comments as well, blogland seems quiet on the comments front lately!!

Leanne x

Joyce said...

Well now Julie, with that many "followers" you must be encouraged! I hope you can overcome the SAD soon...wishing you warm breezes from the South to come your way.
Although it has been such a COLD winter down here as well...tomorrow however we are to have a very warm day..and Sunday as well.
Can't wait, even though I am in the house "recouping" from my surgery. I will still wander outside and sit on the patio I am sure of it.
Hang in there my friend,

Mary said...

Sweet Julie, all those comments you left last night really cheered me up - as Leanne says, blogland is getting quieter for many of us lately - perhaps everyone is frozen to the bone after this Winter!
You just continue "ranting" at us, we love it because you always have great things to share and teach us........and your use of the English language is such perfection!!!
Thanks so much for the offer of the book but I do have it - found it less interesting than Isak Dinesan's 'Out of Africa'.

Although I haven't seen your silver and roses, if it's small how about piling up some old books (without dust jackets) with interesting spines, perhaps in colors you like, and standing them on top so they make a statement. Yes, I usually buy my own roses - Bob never thinks about bringing flowers home as a surprise, just tells me to pick out my own, but that's OK!!!!

Sending warm thoughts - hoping the sun shines on you this weekend.
Hugs - Mary

Shopgirl said...

This has been a gray winter for us to. I would wait for the sun to brake through but day after day it hung over our valley. Not as much snow, not as much rain, and even warmer than it should have been.
I treasure the site of our blue sky..and we look forward to warm days and our fresh air. I can hardly wait to be in the garden playing with my herbs and flowers. And watching the veggies grow to harvest. Soon I will complain about how hot it is and turn on the AC. Can't wait...and winter does pass!!! Love Ya, Mary

Anonymous said...

Dear Julie,
Oh it was so nice to hear from you!
I went through a bad time with my old blog awhile back which is why I shut down.
I am trying to keep things on the lighter side with this one, but (trying) to remain true to myself. I am always afraid I will offend someone.
My hubby is taking a psychology course and swears I have SAD as well. Could be, I really can't stand Winter.
It is finally warming up here ~ I'll send some of it your way.
Being Irish and Scottish I look forward to reading your posts!
~ Blessings ~

marthaberry said...

Don't feel bad. I haven't written a thing in the new year!

See you in April!

Ruthie Redden said...

dear julie, your dark cloud will lift very soon x spring is coming! ( i have e-mailed you, hope you get it) i shall show the gypsy picture when(if) i finish it lol, How wonderful that patsy whyte got in touch with you, i should love to read her book too, it is so sad that she had such a hard time as a traveller child, it makes my heart go out to these people. OF course you may feature my autumn picture i would be honoured. x x x

Lila Rostenberg said...

I hope those daffodils are thinking of coming up for you by now!
It is cold here today, and cloudy, but we do have some daffodils bouncing around out there in the wind!
I know all your followers are delighted whenever they see you have a new post!
I usually don't have much internet time, but here at work it is so slow today that I am catching up on several blogs! said...

While searching for ideas of turning the quote" No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn." ~Hal Borland into a parable type story for a websites newsletter I ran across your blog and find it refreshing to ee someone else that not only is abkle to wear a shamrock and a thistle but is proud to be a pagan and loves Sugarloaf. May you and yours be blessed throughout your days blessings to you