Sunday, September 21, 2008


I'm temporarily back from my self-imposed blogging exile. I can't let this day go by without wishing a Happy Birthday to two special women.
Today is the 65th birthday of Janet from "The Lavender Loft" ( Janet is an artist who was afraid to call herself one for many years. But now she proudly wears the title and has become a published artist, her work having been featured in an issue of "Artful Blogging". I love all her art work, but I especially like her drawings of mysteriously intriguing ladies.
Janet, my birthday wish for you is that the terribly hot weather has gone away and that the cool autumn breezes bring even greater inspiration your way.
Tomorrow is the birthday of Leanne from "Somerset Seasons" ( Leanne shares the changing seasons and English legends, lore and poems from her country cottage. She will be moving to town soon, but she will still have a garden, and she will bring along her two black and white dogs, her family of black and white cats, and her chickens (no, they're not black and white!)
Leanne, my birthday wish for you is that this move will be a turning point for you and bring you the greatest happiness of your life.
PS - I think I gave a lot of people the impression that I was quitting blogging. I'm only on a break!~ I'll be back in October.
To Janice - You are a no reply blogger so I can't send you my email address. Sorry!


smilnsigh said...

Both your links, only take me to my own Profile Page... ???

Miss M-N

Julie said...

All fixed!

Janet said...

You're so sweet to come out of your self-imposed "exile" to wish me and Leanne a Happy Birthday. When I leave here I'll pop over to her blog and say "hi"....thanks for thinking of me today. You are one of my dearest friends in blogland.

Leanne said...

thank you Julie, much appreciated!!
happy birthday to janet too!

Leanne x

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday from me to your friends!

gma said...

Hope these 2 lovely ladies have the happiest birthdays ever.


couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

Happy birthday to them!

Leanne said...

thank you for the lovely e-card julie!

Leanne x

Annie Jeffries said...

Nice to see you surface for a moment Julie. I'm running over to Janet's to wish her all good things. AND, I have a new blog to explore. Hugs, Annie

Shopgirl said...

I love your new header, it is perfect. I should set down and do a Autumn header....we will see.
You are so sweet to think of Birthdays. Big Hugs, mary

Laurie said...

Julie I am so glad you are not quitting blogging. Sometimes its a good thing to step away for awhile...I look forward to more posts!

Lila Rostenberg said...

Love that new header!
Checking back often to see when you start posting again!