Sunday, January 20, 2008


Georg Friedrich Kersting
Today, on my one-year blogiversary, I had planned to write a post mulling over the previous year's events. But instead, I found myself taking not one, but two naps. One must honor one's body's needs, and today, my body needed rest.
But I did want to come by here at least for a moment today, to announce the winner of my drawing in celebration of one year of blogging. The winner, drawn from the names of people who commented on my Book Club post, is Diana! Diana, you may choose a book from among the books - or the authors - listed in the post. Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely painting! Congratulations on your one year Blogiversary! So glad you entered the Blogging universe.


Janet said...

Happy Happy Blogiversary!! And congrats to Diana for winning!

So....not one but two naps today! Hey, sometimes ya just gotta be good to yourself and rest up. If it was anything like here, it was the perfect day to stay inside and be quiet!

Here's to many more years of blogging!! Three cheers!!!!

Miss Robyn said...

so glad that you have been here for a year and I hope there are many, many more! love you lots! xo

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary. I just found your blog and I hope there will be lots of lovely logs to come and lots of anniversaries ; )

Rowan said...

Congratulations on your 1st blogiversary JulieMarie. Love the painting at the top, what a lovely serene picture.

Diana S said...

YAY!!! I won! thank you so much for having a giveaway. they are a lot of fun. I'm so excited - I selected "I Capture the Castle". I've emailed you with my home address. what a great way to start of day off of work. thank you again!

LW said...

Happy Blogiversary!
I am glad I found you and look forward to more years with you...

love the picture on this post.


Patty said...

Congrats on a year of blogging. I look forward to the next year

Casey said...

Happy Blogiversary & here's to many more!

GreenishLady said...

Congratulations on the Blogiversary! I'm so glad you found your way to Blogland, and I found my way to your blog! I'm glad you are honouring your body's needs with those naps.

Leanne said...

many many heartfelt congratulations on yuor anniversary Julie!

leanne x

Anonymous said...

Happy to meet you;I'm writing from france;I lived a few monthes in Ireland when I was (much) younger and always kept a big interest for celtic people and celtic things;
I really find your blog great and i like to read it;
Good blogiversary,

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

Well, what if I tell you that you got an award in some mermaid blog for being her lovely friend and making a big difference in her life? I am sure you are not napping now, you are curious, yay!
Congratulations on your bloginiversary!

Sheila said...

Congratulations to you on your first year, may there be many more Julie. Congratulations too, to your winner..!

gma said...

A year of blogging!!!Always enjoy your posts and getting to know you has been delightful.
Glad we're in the same tribe!!

Lena said...

Best wishes to you Julie!

I enjoy your thoughtful posts very much, and the pleasure of your company has brightened many a day for me in Merryville as well.
I thank you for both!

Happy Blogiversary!

Naturegirl said...

Julie Congratulations on your one year blogging!! It has been a pleasure coming by and getting to know this side of you!I think I met you for the first time when you came by my post of the "Bee Bum"..remember that.. and you made a comment!
Glad that you are listening to your does speak in whispers! Remember keep your face to the light!
hugs NG

Lila Rostenberg said...

Happy First Blogiversary, Julie!!!
You write wonderful posts which have brightened my world for a year now! Keep up the good work...but get the naps in too!!!LOL!

Laurie said...

Happy one year anniversary blogging ~ and congratulations to your winner!!
I love to take naps, especially in the winter, maybe its a hibernation thing. How are you feeling, is your arm any better?

Oh, by the way, you asked ages ago if I was from Louisiana or Mississippi ~ Mississippi it is!

smilnsigh said...

Congratulations! Though a bit late.

Glad you were listening to your bod!

Loved your 'Sh*t' story!


Gill said...

Napping is the best!
Congrats on your one year.
I took a photo of Bobby's grave too, it is in there somewhere. I'll post it for you.
Happy Anniversary!

Kim Campbell said...

Congrats to 1 year!

Kelli said...

Congratulations on your one year blogging anniversary, Julie! What a lovely picture!

Bimbimbie said...

Happy Blogiversary. Good way to celebrate after all that blogging *!*

nonizamboni said...

Congratulations, Julie--on the anniversary and for being so good to yourself with those naps.
Looking forward to the next year with hugs!

Mary said...

Happy Blogiversary Julie - glad you're celebrating the way YOU want - after all cake with candles, champagne and chocolates, a bunch of helium filled balloons on the mailbox wouldn't be anywhere near as healthy!

We're so glad we have you out there doing what you do. Just make sure you get those hands well so you can keep writing your fabulous posts.

Lovely painting too.
Hugs - Mary.

Deborah aka Miss Bee said...

Congratulations Diana!

I'm having a giveaway - I hope you will come over and check it out.

Unknown said...

B*L*O*G*I*V*E*R*S*A*R*Y !

WOO-WOOING AND DANCING AN IRISH JIG! And coming from MATHENY and DRUMMY, my feet instinctively know how!


Sharon McLonergan: Do you feel a warmish, kind of glowish, peculiarish sensation?

Og: No... it's a sort of quiverish, shiverish, flibberty-gibberish sensation!

Sharon McLonergan: Does it make you feel hummingbirds in your heart?

Og: Butterflies in my feet!

Sharon McLonergan: Bees in your bonnet!

Og: [dancing] Stars in my britches!

Sharon McLonergan: It makes you want to dance!

Og: [falls over] I hadn't noticed.


gma said...

Come on throw us a bone lol
Hope you are feeling ok!
sending my love

kathyann said...

Congratulations on your 1st anniversary of blogging,just looking back over some of your post,it may take me awhile,then I will probably take a nap,I too have to listen to what my body is telling me,as I have a lung disease I have to pace myself now and take breaks in between housework etc otherwise I get carted off to hospital!I'll look forward to reading more ,keep on blogging,all the best from Kathyann and the girls