Saturday, December 15, 2007


(Picture borrowed from Anna's blog)
For those of you who don't already know, my good blogging friend Anna (Nature Girl) fell and broke her ankle this week. After her surgery, her doctor told her she had "a clean break and good bones", so that is good news. She also felt up to blogging this morning, which is a really good sign. But, she will have to wear a cast for three months. This comes after an extremely painful bout of shingles she suffered all through October and November!
Today, Anna wrote about the healing power of prayer. She said she felt her friends' spirits surrounding her when she was on the operating table, felt their loving touch. I strongly believe in the power of prayer and touch too, and am sending healing prayers Anna's way and to a couple of my blogging friends who are currently suffering, not from an ankle break but from heart break.
My heart goes out to all of you who may be suffering physical or emotional pain this Christmas season, which in itself is such an emotionally fraught time. Anna is forced to have a quiet Christmas this year, but maybe we all should "have ourselves a quiet little Christmas" so we can have time to remember our good friends.
Anna called her friends her "quiet angels." You are all my quiet angels for all the love, support and kindness you have shown me this past year (I started blogging in January.) I didn't say it in my Thanksgiving post, but I say it now: I am so thankful to have met all of you and I am thinking of all of you this quiet morning. I am sitting here telling myself how foolish it is to be fretting over my hands today. I could be so much worse off, but I'm not, and a big reason why is because I have been on the receiving end of your prayers, too. And they have helped.
Love, Julie


Britt-Arnhild said...

I'm on my way over to Anna.

Naturegirl said...

Julie I am sitting here reading this beautifully written post that comes straight from your heart!I have tears of Joy as I read your words.
Yes I truly felt all my
~quiet angels~ surrounding me as I prayed on the operating table. Prayers are a powerful force that reaches the depths of our soul if we believe! I somehow felt the loving energy and warmth from the friends I have made within this wonderful blogging community of friendships!

Julie I am deeply blessed in coming to know you and your caring sensitive heart. You express yourself with passion in the way you write about the things you feel strongly about and I love this about you! Your care and good wishes to me for a speedy recovery warms my heart.
I will hold YOU and your friends experiencing heartache in my daily prayers.

I am all tucked in now hibernating for the winter with all my books and cats and love around me!
Perhaps I may write a book a just never know what's around the corner.
Feel better sending you an angel of healing for your aching hand..flutter flutter..
hugs and love.. hop along NG (your Frister aNNa (sister friend) oxoxo

Carole Burant said...

The power of prayer does indeed work and with all of us praying for our dear Anna, she can't help but feel it:-) You are so right, with all the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas, we should all take some quite time and think of everything we have to be thankful for...especially the wonderful friendships we have made through blogging. I often wonder what I ever did without all of you before I started to blog!! xoxo

GreenishLady said...

Julie, this is such a lovely post, it makes me really glad that I resisted the pull to join the frenzy of Christmas shopping in favour of catching up with my blog-pals today. The quiet you speak of sounds very attractive, and I have the luxury of being allowed to choose exactly that if I want it! Oh... a ray of golden sunlight has just broken through my window! Be well, Julie. You are an inspiration with the care you send out to so many. Thank you.

nonizamboni said...

Dear Noani. . .nothing makes my day more than stopping by your blog--sort of like a glass of orange juice in a beautiful glass.
So sorry about Anna and I will pray. [I was just thinking about her the other day.]
Hope you are enjoying these holly-days and doing so in your own way.

Julie said...

Julie says,

Gardengirl left a comment on this post, but she included her email address so I am not publishing it directly. I learned the hard way about including my email address in my comments (you get a lot of spam caused by something called bots).

So here's what Gardengirl had to say:

"I believe in the power of's like one soul speaking to another soul."

(Gardengirl -