Saturday, March 10, 2007


Forecast: Saturday, 50s; Sunday, 50s; Monday, 60s
Translation: It's MUD SEASON!
Right now my patio door is more mud than window. Ditto the kitchen floor, the hardwood floors and my pant legs. But I welcome it all. No way would I return to last Friday's blizzard just for the sake of clean floors and windows. It's a very small trade off for the gorgeous spring-like weather we are experiencing.
It's also the first time I have heard geese this year. To think that such a raucous cacophony can so lift our hearts and spirits! It is still wonderful for us - who have all the technology in the world - to have proof positive that spring is coming. Hearing geese gives me the same primal feeling it must have given Native Americans and aboriginals of other lands, hundreds of years before Daylight Savings Time, computers, weather forecasters, calendars.
How they must have dreaded the dark days of winter and feared that one year, spring would not return. So imagine their joy to hear the geese, feel the warmer sun, watch the ice melt on the lakes, and yes, wipe up the dreaded muddy paw prints.

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