Saturday, February 17, 2007


This amazing photo was published in The Bismarck Tribune yesterday. These antelope were spotted near Bismarck, which is interesting because antelope are seldom seen this far east in North Dakota. (They were common in the northwestern corner of the state where I grew up, small bunches often approaching close to my little village of Larson.)
But what makes this photo amazing is its composition: the colors, forms and textures. It looks almost like one of Bev Doolittle's brown and white paintings in which she "hides" spotted horses in a camouflage landscape. It's just perfect, with its bands of light brown and dark brown foliage in white snow, with the white, medium brown and dark brown antelope "posed" right in the middle. I don't think a painter could have composed it better. Kudos to the savvy copy editor who spotted this gem and gave it a prominent place on the front page.
How many antelope are there? I count 8 heads, but there seems to be an extra rump as well, so I might be wrong.

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